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Saturday, August 12, 2017

I brake for nothing

So 5 major life change things happened right after I made out a work schedule with a countdown for the end of August.

  • Bunny broke her arm.
  • We got strep.
  • @bonenado's work finally sold, after 3 years, and changes hands on Tuesday.
  • Bunny enrolled for pre-K in a local school, and that starts Wednesday.
  • I started a new and very different therapy schedule.

So we've been in nonstop transitioning and acclimating mode for the last 2 weeks, and this coming week is #ALLTHETHINGS rising to a great big crescendo.

And, of course, that's not even counting the whole week of internet browning out from more weather and the latest big W10 update that had me scuttling for disk space. And through THAT I managed to keep up with a game server economy flip and got my player shop updated. Somehow. Like by relogging every 5 or 10 minutes at several points, or rebooting the computer over again after hourly cache and temp wipes in between brownouts and disconnects. You know how many times I've seen this just trying to blog a little?

Clearly nothing stops me from doing what I want even when I'm caught in freeze frame. Me and Jawn irl, fighting over keyboard control. You didn't see me lose my internet connection after nearly every single sentence and then for 30 minutes straight just before posting. I'm having to finish on my phone.

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