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Sunday, August 6, 2017

'cross the river

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I am intensely bummed out about the storms that came through this weekend wiping out my internet to the point of 30 seconds of game play between constant disconnect and the kind of browning out that takes a whole minute to load a page, like I'm on dialup from the old days. Calling around verified that it's a neighborhood thing and we're not alone. My phone plan also has about an hour left of heavy use available to share over 2 phones over the next 2 days, so... no live tweet tonight.

I haven't been this close to hate the whole world venom in a long time. A long time. I've been needing this so badly, I can't even tell ya.

I could go off on a rant about how 2017 blows and whatevs, but that's pointless and temporary. All you guys reading this who still drink, smoke, pop pain pills, and whatever it is you do, throw one down for me. I'm off to sulk, sans comforts. I doubt there is a single thing anyone could say to cheer me up right now, so I'm turning off the tech so I won't flay anyone with my mind through the webs.

It's been a tough year. Where's my playlist? I've got work to do.

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