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Thursday, July 16, 2015

the pre-Friday pretend it's already Friday kind of day

Suddenly visualizing a living cat from a Clifford torus POV and realizing I could hypertorus it in my head and still keep it intact (the cat would be unaware of a higher dimensional being looking at it) and dropping everything to run to the laptop to look up things like mobius torus isn't helping me get birthday party food prep done. >=l This snip clicks back to one of my fave pages on the internet.

No, I suck at math, but I get theory. Anything I see in my head I can usually find within minutes on the webs even if I didn't know it existed, although I doubt I find a Clifford cat. Oh, I'm so funny. But there's some dang awesome fractal art cats out there.

In case you're curious and wanna usefully waste some time.

And then I just get lost in youtube.

On days like this when I can't turn my head off, I see awesome cool things and make notes for stories. I love weird strange stories.

This isn't getting cupcakes made. =\ #lostintheawesome You NEED to see the Bucky Brain Gear. Just go do it. This post will still be here whenever your twirly eyeballs finally wander back.

Ok, now I need some serious refocus. Very serious. I know it's not Friday yet, but you guys need some distraction from work.

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