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Friday, July 24, 2015

because I am the boss of you today

The autumn spiders are extra early this year. First of the orb webs on the deck, spans about 3 1/2 feet and waist high, only way I could get it to show up on my phone was angled from above. This pic clicks out to a little bigger.

This has been the pain spikiest week. >=l Have been in fibro/neuro defcon flare, pain levels hitting 8/9/10s all week (10 being blackout/puke/weepuncontrollably), my usual July summerheat / humidityandairpressurechanges / hayfeverseason response. I think I've been thorough enough about my medical history elsewhere to avoid reiterating why I can't conventionally aggressively treat a pain crisis. But that's ok, because I can see lappy better now. #newglasses

I've been surprised to see me handling a lot more activity through it this summer than I used to be able to. I think having a Bunny around has challenged me to increase endurance, and working through nasty high pain hasn't been nearly the psychological challenge it use to be. I still miss narcotics once in awhile, but definitely don't need the crutch any more. Anyway, had a fun day out with Bunny and mama yesterday after a particularly nasty rough day before, and I haven't croaked off yet, although I'm getting close now and will probably spend the rest of today being lazy.

I will be fine. Pain spikes sometimes mean I get lots more work done because I learned a long time ago to super focus through it. Being aspie means I go all super villain and pour my destructive negativity into WORK, so if you see me writing more and talking less, like I've been doing this week, it's all good.

Basic reminder to newer friends that high pain levels put me in kill mode, and that's why I'm not out there tweeting. I'll feel like mutilating anyone who blithely suggests tossing back an advil, and responses like awww and a pat on the head will have me visualizing spiking sticks through eyeballs, ~*so don't do it*~. (Lurkers who survived the year I razed comments to eternal damnation are nodding vigorously. Noobs who have known me only 2-3 years, this isn't a drill.)

Those of you who've lurked for a long time know I loathe the overuse of the word poignant and therefore don't use it myself, except on extremely rare occasion. I've lived long enough now through enough stuff that I can say this fanvid is exquisitely poignant.

Now go do something wonderful for yourself or someone else, and if anyone has a problem, just tell them Pinky said so.