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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

full frontal shirt

I popped awake from a dream just after midnight with someone using that title in a sentence. So I'm sitting here bleary eyed wondering if that's really a thing, and behold. (Click pix for sources)

I also just found out that full frontal is a phrase used in t-shirt printing meaning the entire front is printed/printable, not just a restricted area, like this. Good to know.

I'm going back to bed now. Yes, without telling you the rest of the dream. Yes, there was sex, but I wasn't necessarily involved. No, the full frontal shirt line someone was saying had nothing to do with the sex part because it was long over. There was driving around a west coast city stuff, hanging out at a party stuff, talking to people stuff, lots of stuff I never do in real life. It may have been one of my 'spy' dreams, as I fondly call them. Maybe I remote viewed someone's afternoon/evening in San Francisco or something. Yeah, someone who was discussing t-shirt designs, I dunno, geez guys, gimme a break. I'm going back to bed.

Here, have something to help you go back to sleep.

p.s. I blame Larry for my potato chip craving at 1 a.m.

p.p.s. My first tweet link apparently sent a bunch of you off to into the wilds of internet shopping with no explanation. Sorry about that. Always test your links, kids.

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