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Friday, July 17, 2015

quantum pork, and #irony

You can't go wrong with me mixing food and SCIENCE.

And then we'd have weird Pink² twitter kids or something.

Can someone please set this mix to a fractal vid, thanx. Seeing Benedict's face zoom around doesn't do it for me. Again, sorry, Ben, I love you, but I neeeeeed funky spacy weird brain stuff right now. "Rapture (Avicii New Generation Extended Mix)" by DJ Fernando (eMusic) I'm having to imagine artsy floaty colorful fractal art in the back of my mind while I work instead of going deep for a few minutes into something real, so my brain is already working overtime and I just had my first coffee.

This is the day before the big Bunny turns 2 party. I still have a watermelon shark to carve and the 'ocean' cupcakes to make. The 'beach' cupcakes are already done. Oh, and homemade Oreo ice cream in little pails, to look like sand. Like this, but without the holiday color. I also picked up some real crab legs for garnish on the beach theme. I'm not hosting, there's a whole meal and decorations already being rounded up elsewhere. Big weekend.

Ok, looking for some focus. <- that's a 'fractal art animation music' search list on youtube, check it out.

Little slow, kinda educational, those of you who've never plunged into fractal animation set to music, I'm easing you in because it's likened to a faux LSD cleanse for the brain without all the horrible side effects. I mean, assuming you have time to waste because it's Friday and work sux.

This WTFness keeps popping up in suggestions. Good lord. Those of you who couldn't sit through that last one, stare at Benderbatch while the rest of us move on. I facepalmed at the intro and moved on by 20 seconds in. (Sorry Ben, I really do love you #itsnotyouitsme) (later- actually have it going on in the background, people who can carry on convos like this mystify me #aspergers One convo like this would last me a month and I wouldn't talk again for days.) (Yes, the irony is kind of hitting me.) (If you're asking "Irony?", it's ok, go back to sleep.)

Ok, take the plunge. You have been warned. If you stick with this you'll soon understand why I'd like to reset my own mix to it, like I mentioned above. I've seen fractals set to dubstep, omg rake my brain OUT, that is an abomination that just doesn't speak well of finessing brain rhythm for quality deeper thinking. Anyway, 3 hours is super overkill, I just need a few minutes and the kind of music that syncs my coils up for Thoughts, as per yesterday's posts.

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