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Saturday, July 18, 2015

the crazy secret lives of hijacking chicken vid codes

Sometimes I get the crazy urge to tear the internet apart (again) looking for a way to recover deleted youtube vids from before the big changeover. It used to be possible. That all changed during a big 2012/2013 code revamp after Google absorbed Youtube. There used to be recovery tutorials, now it's all so locked down that you hafta be a really top hacker to get in there and get your own videos back. There are tales of woe, people accidentally dumping entire catalogs instead of just one vid because the stupid check box does an 'all' thing, all kinds of hair pulling and screams in the night out there. Me, I just want to salvage what I threw away in 2012 out of stupid ignorance just before the big changeover.

Not mine, click for cool.
I didn't find anything useful yet. Keeping my fingers crossed one of these days a hacker will figure that out, because the vids are still there. Youtube says they are deleted, but they simply can't be accessed, they are only deleted from public view. Anything deleted before the code change can't be plugged back in, I'm guessing because it didn't migrate into the new platform. I imagine they hafta hang onto content in case of litigation or something, because the original vid IDs are still there. I don't think anything in the internet truly disappears unless an entire bank of servers and another entire bank of redundant back up servers and then more entire banks of copy and hacker servers all go down at once. That'll be the apocalyptic 'grid' going down, taking all electronic data storage with it.

I did run into a tutorial today on how to recover old vid titles, which seems like a dumb exercise, but yielded a funny result. I was able to find out that one of my old videos is still embedded in this site, and I can see that they hijacked it from youtube onto their dotcom player. This is how the hijacked code looks. I remember when I used to have to rewrite my youtube codes every time Tom did mainentance upgrades on myspace, I knew this stuff like the back of my hands.

This is the code embedded, now useless.

More Free Videos Here

I can also see that it had been played 12 times on their player before I got there. Even though it no longer works, every 'play' click still counts, so anything over 12 aren't real views any more, I added two more myself just checking. Apparently hijacking didn't save my vid, but it was nice seeing the title embedded in the code. I can see from part of the code that the original title was "doing what jungle fowl do best".


Yes, apparently one of my chicken videos. This is not the first time I've found one of my chicken videos hijacked into someone else's site (I think the porn site might've been Korean), why in the world this one is on a German UFO site is beyond me.

The way I got to all that was by getting the video ID from my own youtube analytics lifetime history. This hijacked vid is the second to last in this list. You can put a vid ID into a Google search bar, and the search will bring up everywhere the video is located. If the search fails, the vid isn't embedded anywhere else. I've found a couple other sites 'hosting' my vids to help push click sales or something, which ultimately is fine because I made them embeddable, but doesn't help recover deleted vids even if they've been hijacked, alas.

So go try this. Plug jLlAYWDRW5U into a search bar. I was the first person to put the Yablo sprite commercial on youtube. Yes, I'm serious. I got it off someone else's dotcom, and that person was the only one on the whole internet who had uploaded it at the time. It was the first vid I ever loaded, possibly 2006. Someone else since then grabbed and uploaded it onto youtube, as well, and good thing they did because I had a fit one year and started dumping my stuff like an idiot. Anyway, you can see from the search results that 6 sites still have that old youtube embed code on them, the first entry on coachella.com showing a post date in a forum of May 14, 2007, which predates that other guy's Yablo vid. I'm especially tickled that it's still part of a topic in Space Pirate Log RPG, which shows an even earlier date of Feb 14, 2007. So thanks to an ID search, I'm able to date my youtube account in spite of taking it underground for awhile, which reset publishing dates on all the vids when it came back out public.

Going down the list searching for clues. Kinda wondering how and why 3cJRhdSKANo "new nest boxes" wound up being featured on savevid. Cool. Savevid is one of those pre-Torch things. Every time something legal came up, they changed their downloader code and I had to reload it. You can see how many times I had to do that. Ok, just noticed I had 6500 views on that short video about chicken nest boxes. Dang, I wish I'd never trashed my stuff. I'd love to see what in the world was so great about that video. Did I inspire a 3rd world nation of chicken farmers? We'll never know.

3YIsaoA64WY wound up on this site, pretty sure it had to be the Marvel Then and Now ad that I recently rediscovered on myspace and reloaded back onto my youtube since I originally had permission to do that. 2100 views in my old stats, not bad. That forum dates it in Feb 2007, which is about right. These guys.

Ok, now I'm just thrilled. One of my chicken vids THcCbVwuK9Q had been posted in a Backyard Chickens forum, one of the hottest coolest prestigiousest chicken sites online. Now I'm really super regretting the year I junked my stuff. I mean, who else gets 2000 stinkin hits on a chicken video ? And it wasn't even on a weird porn site. I was a frickin chicken rockstar.

So 5 of my all time top 10 vids were worth keeping. There are 3 I still can't see exactly what they were, but I can tell you right now one of them was called 'menage a trois gone awry', possibly with spelling errors. It was one of the top contenders and would probably have over 10,000 views by now if I'd left it up. It was one of my idiot ducks going after a hen, and every time he got her down her sister jumped on him and started flogging hell out of him, then the first hen would get out from under and peck the living crap out of his head. I don't know how those hens didn't kill that duck, but he went back over and over and over till I finally had to pen him up just to save his life. Sex is not worth that amount of abuse, guys. I don't care how bad you think you've got it, it is just not worth that kind of hell. And both hens were redheads... Quite the action video, nearly 3 minutes long, which back then was pretty epic since internet was still so slow and that was pre phone apps and everything.

This was our perp, a khaki campbell cleverly named Duck.

This was Marzipan. I used this one as a rickroll type teaser from a link that said 'redhead in the shower', because I'd gotten the picture in the rain. Lotta people fell for that.

And Jaizzy, who ran around half naked from molting longer than anyone, plus the giant eggs, she was one hot chick and mean as hell, even attacked dogs. That poor duck didn't stand a chance.

I've worn this post out. Here, check out my most famous chicken vid that I'm so glad I never deleted. One of the comments I never approved called me an evil cunt because he apparently owns a pet snake big enough to eat a chicken, but he's a kid and only has 7 subs so I just keep it pending for laughs. Searched the ID for kicks and found it on a Russian carpentry site, which cracks me up since our chickens had to boss and oversee every bit of construction and digging we ever did around here.

I'll check back on the youtube hacker recovery process in a few months. Somewhere on this planet is a brain that'll crack it and share how it was done. Lot of us counting on you, whoever you are.

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