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Saturday, July 11, 2015

so it finally stopped raining...

I've lived around here since 1976 and never once saw it this bad. This is the top of the James River going through Ozark. Won't be any Chinese take out for awhile. I'm loading these full size on photobucket, so you can click each one for more detail if you want. I didn't take these pix, got them from locals off facebook.

There was another year it flooded pretty good, sometime in the 80s I think, and businesses took hits like this, but I'd never seen the water that high coming over the bridge.

Likewise, Scott said the Finley was crested right at the bottom of the bridge when he drove over yesterday. Haven't been watching the news so I imagine there were other reports again about lower down the James River and up at I-44. I think this is the first time we've seen not just this much flooding, but actual major road closures twice in one year.

I think all the pipeline people should forget about the stupid fracking and get this water over to California. THAT would be a pipeline everyone could get behind, am I right? We've had enough water just in my area over the last 6 weeks to make deserts bloom elsewhere. I'm amazed no one has even thought of this contingency. We've got power lines that shunt power to other cities/states, pipelines that shunt oil across the continent, but no one moves the water. Wasn't the Roman empire built on an aqueduct system? Easy irrigation right there. Build it and things will grow. Stop pumping out the water table for farming.

In the meantime, ants have established a ranking system evaluating my kitchen for a possible massive pupae move. I've seen this happen before. One year I decided to move a few deck plants to bigger pots and threw an entire civilization into a nasty tizzy, with thousands of workers yelling SAVE THE BABIES! and carrying eggs away. I'd really rather that didn't happen in my kitchen. We don't use insecticides because my allergies are so severe, so we've been staying on top of incoming along a particular baseboard with vinegar spray and a vacuum hose. I've caught them reporting back to base camp with little walkie talkies from a cupboard full of dishes and said oh HELL no, and one of them took his little goggles off and shook his fist at me. I have a feeling the sun coming out isn't going to cancel any plans. Crossing my fingers the ground dries out a little bit before it rains again, maybe they'll get distracted with easy living out there again. Sure ain't no ant food in here.

I have to be honest, it's not as bad as the year ants moved in under the fridge and built a nuclear reactor, or the year the frog got in and bounced off the walls like a poltergeist all night, or the year a 6 foot black snake draped itself over our front door frame and I had to stop Scott running out shooting holes in the house, or the year I nearly stepped barefoot in my kitchen on the biggest nastiest black spider from hell you ever saw that was actually as long as my foot (I've worn sox ever since), or the year the squirrel died in the walls and the house stunk for two weeks, or the year chipmunks carried off over a gallon of chicken feed that we found buried in a big stash in the garden, or the year of one boil order after another until finally the community well owner sold and let city water take over, or the year...

Ok, I won't go over all 23 years. August will be 23 years on this house. Out in the wet wild woods. I quietly chuckle when people talk about going green and back to nature. They always bring their bug spray and their dogs and their lawnmowers. They go hang out at the pool up the street. They call pest control and professional cleaners and giant construction rigs to install experimental ungodly expensive eco systems in their homes. They sit on matching lawn furniture sipping beverages and talking on phones. They complain when it's time to pave the street again because the sticky tar flecks up the paint jobs on their new cars.

I'm actually in Bunny brain fry. In between super ADHD spells we've been doing office work.

I may hafta put some headphones on. Counting down to #napclub. She's being great, I'm guess I'm just in some kind of 'day off' shock. I've slung a lot of stuff out last few days.


And now something to get my brain back on track.

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