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Friday, July 3, 2015

completely ignorable scattered mess, step over and move on

Amusing myself in between chores. 6:30 a.m. and already dishes and laundry are nearly done, started assembling tonight's hotdish (precooked the rice). Kind of easy when I can't get my brain to crawl out from under my chair and get back into my head. Fans who put things like this together are geniuses.

Actually getting through one of my darker weeks. Really don't like sharing what it's like in my head when I'm like this, but this vid covers it nicely.

Then there's real life stuff. Always fun discovering that the second reroofing job wasn't done properly and how in the world we haven't had entire sheets of shingles slide right off over the last 8 years is amazing, considering the straight line winds and even a microburst that tore parts of the roof off one winter, since roofing nails apparently seem to be missing across great chunks that are finally starting to slip around. No, we're not stressing at all, wettest summer on record....

So, Fourth of July. I'm sure we'll get a few poppers for Bunny. Doubt we grill, we're too tired. Besides, couple of birthdays coming up this month, planning and prep for those will probably include the grill at least once.

I keep reminding myself my parents were slowly losing a 200 acre farm at this age before the final drop off a bankruptcy cliff when the cattle market bottomed out, and our little woes are nothing against the lawyers and banks that got involved with that one. We're still eating well, we have a roof over our heads (insert chuckle here), both vehicles are still running (hope I didn't just jinx myself), and my biggest fear every day is running into a giant spider in the house. So we're good.

Ok, getting the mind off. My brain snuck in unexpectedly while I was distracted with whining. Seriously, guys, I have about fallen over so many times this last month watching my Lexxperience traffic double and triple out of the blue, and now it's just crazy. My top post currently has exactly 300 views on it. I think the blogger widget for all-time and 30-day top posts is broken, because it's not being reflected as a top post in either one. Might just take those widgets off. Anyway, now I have super guilt for letting that blog sit so long without updating, so bat outa hell time. *writewritewrite* I threw this snip into photobucket, click it if you think you absolutely hafta see it bigger. Have a feeling Giggy will give Thodin a run for his money.

Also just found out this week that Ellen is going to SDCC, too, so that's Lexxciting.

And I really hafta share this one, thanx to TScott on FB, really made my night last night. What I wanna know is how the heck this chick suddenly got verified, and as whom, actually. Do the twitter gods think she's the real Sarah Connor because the flurry of response? I'm verified all over G+, wordpress, and pinterest, and I can't get verified on twitter actually following directions.

I'm getting very rambly. Time to focus. Got some writing to do. I hope whoever made this one is unrequited, because that's just a little disturbing, but then, so is what I'm writing. 


Adding this as an afterthought, don't click the snip if you don't want your day ruined. People who've lurked me since the Bluejacky days will recognize this interest. Want a password? ~ask me privately~ (EDIT: I took the password off. Someone's gotta be brave enough to say stuff, and I wanna stay true to lurkers. There's a reason people lurk. I understand both sides.)

I don't play head games. I know some of you watch me on twitter and wonder what the hell I'm doing. Others of you wonder why I'm cool with lurkers that never comment.

God bless America. Yes, I'm in a bad mood. I need a better vid. Someone hug me.

EDIT: By the way, in case people think I make a big deal out of the old days, it's because stuff like this happens after I write stuff like this. I've been watching this go on for years. Since there's no sign whatever of spam being blocked, I can only imagine a bot was put on to hack my password. I really don't know. Maybe it's what's on the front page, I dunno. Bluejacky was the stalkiest blog I ever made. The book is really coming. Whoever's getting spooked, calm down. I'm not out for that kind of blood.

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