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Thursday, July 2, 2015


Imagining all the cave crickets and spiders lurking in the gravel drainage wall around the foundation suddenly scrabbling for dry spots inside outer wall hangovers...

We live on a hill, so we rarely see incoming. Of course, that depends on what kind of shape the wraparound venting is in. House next door flooded because guttering was plugged up. Our basement has a pretty crack letting seepage in. We haven't seen a summer this wet in so many years that we're actually hoping everything dries up real soon. Usually starting to get crunchy grass by now, and I worry obsessively about the woods burning down because of all the idiots setting off fireworks for two weeks straight. Instead, this year we live in a steamy jungle with more spiders and snakes than ever.

One of the prettiest grasshoppers I've ever seen, on a solar panel on my deck.

And it would coincide with the first time I don't have chickens in ten years. Aside from already being overrun with critters that make our whole yard seem like a moving carpet, we're almost up to one of the biggest cicada years of the century. We've got so many little toads that whole tribes of crows hang around the front yard, like gothic robins looking for something bigger than worms. They stand around like statues until they see a slight movement, then bam, just like a robin moves. Since @bonenado carefully mows with the blades high to save toad lives, he's kind of crabby about the crows and shoos them away when he sees them.

The humidity is so bad that our AC won't go off, chugging away just so we can breathe. Cars are more sluggish in humidity. People who never venture beyond the 'deep south' don't realize how efficiently an engine can run once real air can circulate through the manifold, and how more instantly responsive that makes things like pushing down on a gas pedal. Laboring up and down the rugged Ozark highways in a summer like this is sticky business. Literally. Everything in and out of my car feels sticky.

I'm not whining, actually thrilled I've been able to stay home in the house so much this summer. Might change that tune once the cicadas are out, because the noise will be nearly unbearable. On any normal cicada year we have to turn the TV way up and can't hear on our phones, and even headphones on a playlist can't keep the continual racket out. This year is going to be spectacular. The only people who won't hear them will already be completely deaf. I can't imagine being dependent on hearing devices during a really big cicada year, it would just about be impossible.

Ok, gotta get my head on track. I've already started a part two Giggy post, wanna get that out before we wind up with a Bunny day. Not sure if I should do any laundry. You guys who don't own your own septic and never have to worry about super ground saturation, one less thing off your mind, right? Right. I'm gonna go dance it off getting some other chores done in between paragraphs and linking graphics. To the fan who looped this one- U ROCK. Thank you.

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