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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

f(x)- The function of Benedict Cumberbatch with coffee in his hand


I've gotten sorely out of the habit of checking stats over there. If I'd been holding a coffee cup I'd have dropped it right out of my hand when I saw 327 on all at one time one day last month. A mystery! What in the world got that many hits in one day all at once?

I scoured the forums, nothing. Blogs? What could possibly... oh, yeah. I went on a little blog spree. I was in a funk and occupied myself with one of my coffee jaunts that weekend.

Coffee with Khan Noonien Singh

And I tweeted one link which didn't account for that traffic at all. It wasn't even retweeted.

I thought I must've overnight MondayBlogged it, so I did a search, nada. I also searched pinky sundayblogshare, still nada.

And there aren't 300 hits on that post, either, and nothing else posted in over there in that time frame, so what in the world? If I zoom out to Pinky blog list, yeah, there's another coffee post from a month earlier with 400+ hits, Benedict Cumberbatch Drinking Coffee. You're Welcome., so was there a sudden influx on both posts at once for some reason?

A few days ago I brought up how interesting things get when you find out all the crazy places that can link your stuff. Well, guess what. I'm getting picked up in other feeds. I clearly never faved this post, meaning I didn't even see it.

I checked topsy and found out Holly got 27 retweets on it herself, even more than the Ben-fan account, so **wow** GO HOLLY. Keep in mind this is still about a month before the all-time hit count. For the life of me, I can't find anything comparable that leads back to syfydesigns for the more relatable date of 6-15-15. Yet.... I realize I've gone down a rabbit hole today and I need to do some real life stuff before it's suddenly supper time and there is nothing ready to eat when @bonenado comes home.

But have we learned anything from this? Benedict Cumberbatch and coffee are an awesome mathematical function for fans.

Stopping Sherlock fanvids is kind of like going cold turkey on smoking, isn't it? I know it's hard. I had a good day and I feel like celebrating. Here you go.

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