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Sunday, July 19, 2015

the sign of the shark

People born on Shark Week should have their own zodiac sign. People whose birthdays fall anywhere near or on Sharknado premiers should have their own red carpet parties and gossip pages, amIright?

These cracked me up. Wish I'd thought to make one of the bears look like it had an arm bitten off by one of the golfish sharks.

The 'ocean water' came from Sonic.

@bonenado in full party gear.

Actually, I'm not so sure he survived... This was later.

This was my first watermelon shark and I was surprised how easy it was. First of all, you don't need this fancy serrated 'watermelon' knife, although it looks intimidating and I'm going to keep it around in case of surprise break-ins because it's long and impressively solid, plus dang sharp, so it could rip through skin like tissue. So watch out, crazy woman with a watermelon knife lives here. It's just easier to whack with a near-machete kind of knife, then do the detail work with a much smaller knife, because once the rind is off, the white part is actually pretty soft and easy to work with. I tried using a peeler, it sucked, just use a paring knife or steak knife to score your work area and gently skin off the outer rind.
I had a good look at these first, click pic for your own look. If I do this again next year, I'm sticking a doll in it like it's being chomped. I also forgot the back fin.
Close up. Bore little eyeholes and stuff with olives. I'll also look for a better watermelon next time, we grabbed one last minute and they were pretty picked over.

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