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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

the only thing you ever need to say to a writer

Extra zyrtec kicking in, eyeballs go for launch. Lappy is telling me I need Chrome extension to see all the cool stuffs in the page that pic links to. Good luck.

Ran across this little gem the other day while we were dredging the house for Scott's video camera. Do they even sell/award membership mugs any more? Didn't see promo stuff on their site.

Banijay Studios showing up in my stats yesterday after my big Star Trek Beyond retraction/apology/post was pretty sweet. This was my second tweet out after that happened. Views and likes are popping already, guess we'll see how far I can take this one.

There was a hashtag thing blowing up twitter yesterday called  and I noticed it set me on a defensive edge real quick, so I stopped. I usually see the funny side of stuff, so me getting defensive when no one is actually bugging me personally with questions like that (at least not any more) makes me wonder what's lurking in my mind shadows that I need to deal with. So while the world was jumping onto a new train, I was standing back psyche-analyzing myself and marveling at how quickly that one spiraled me into a really negative place for about ten minutes. I've been writing nonstop since I was a kid, and there's only one person on this whole earth who ever got to me, that one moment, that one sentence/question about what I'm doing with my writing knifed my heart and scorched my soul because it was someone I loved. I've never really cared otherwise what people think of anything I do.

So apparently I'm still taking it personally, and it turned me into a dickweed the rest of the day, and that means I'm being petty and I hate it when I'm like that, so today is all about getting back on track and staying focused on writing whatever the hell I want to write. A writer writes, always.

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