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Monday, July 27, 2015

mean mode

Orange u glad when someone else pops up and says an alien is growing in their stomach, too? All those crazy cancer, tumor, ulcer, appendicitis, and hepatitis fears suddenly fade and it's ok to laugh because someone else is miserable now, too.

I just stopped eating for awhile and had Scott put a restraining bolt on me so I wouldn't kill him in his sleep.

Just kidding, I went out to the couch so he could sleep. I made up for it the next day by following him all over the house talking nonstop since I'd been awake all night reading wikis and TV show hashtag tweets. He's ready to go back to work now.

I think I'm about ready for all that flooding rain back...

I'm still in mean mode. You'd be mean, too, if all you ate before a 24 hour fast was brussels sprouts. Coffee was about all I had most of Sunday. I am tentatively trying a piece of leftover bacon. I need enough calories to get into endo today and discuss whether I might be trending hyper thyroid again. We can't seem to get that line to flatten out for anything.

Latest work section you guys can't see yet is called Self Awareness is a Tricky Bastard. My favorite line out of 1785 words so far is "You had no idea that green beans and toilet paper were that big of a deal, did you?" Ok, that looks awkward. Not what you're thinking. Here, have a different sentence. "As Mom and I slogged together through my dismal social fails of kindergarten and first grade, she slowly gave up trying to torture self awareness into me."

It'll take all my will power to care enough to get a shower before I head out this morning. I nearly put another Sherlock vid here. Sarah said no. She says you wimps need to go chew Monday up and spit it out. GO!! >=l

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