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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

linear is a nice change

I made it all the way through June this year without suddenly freaking out that I timewarped and missed the Fourth of July. This year I embraced my stuff and I think I'm ok now. And the dream changed last night.

Every year around this time I have a dream that I'm trying to call my mom on my phone, and I never can get the number dialed right. Last night, after a very cool day watching my stats here flip to 15,000, which I never would have guessed could happen in less than a year, and then plunging into a Giggy post (just feels really good to think), I dreamed I attended a big party with hundreds of guests flowing over into several rooms of a huge house, and instead of being one of the first to leave, like I've always done in the past, I stayed until nearly everyone else had left because I was looking for my phone.

I never did find it. All kinds of junk was left behind in the after-party mess, and I collected several lost phones and played around on other people's laptops and even an antique typewriter, occasionally running into others who were also looking for their lost things. I decided to try calling my phone from other people's lost phones. Boy, was that a joke. I knew the number. I could see the numbers I needed to press. But the only digit I ever pressed correctly was the first one. I worked and worked on it, and kept having to start over and over. I finally decided I may as well just accept the wrong phone in my hand and hijack the data plan, just plug my own passwords in and get my stuff done until someone cut the plan off. Strangely enough, I could input passwords just fine, I just couldn't call my own number. The second I realized that I woke up.

I feel it appropriate to revisit this song. I first posted it in 2008. Dark City is about adapting to change by using the power of our minds, even when nothing around us makes sense. I know this sounds cliche, but I know personally how hard it really is because I've gone through the whole glitchy brain thing- we can choose to become powerful people. We've gotta be willing to honestly assess and embrace who we are, and then make a plan. Baditude is everything. Use your powers for good.

And now it's time to GET TO WORK.

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