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Friday, July 31, 2015

GWT and fun with analytics

Google webmaster tools makes me wanna stuff chocolate into my eyes. I mean, I've had it set up for a couple of years because I beta tested something they were doing, it's not a horrible mess or anything, but I think I finally got the Brazil thing figured out on my dotcom. I think someone somehow shared access by setting up a ping thing, conduit hijacking seems to be the new rage.

How to Protect Your Google Analytics From Getting Hacked

In the meantime, I'm seeing my Lexxperience blog show up in rankings for stupid things like "Damien Puckler biography", and how in the world do "Torri Higginson" and "Verizon ecard" searches lead to Lexx??? Seriously- "Max Von Sydow children". I think "Armand Assante" just shows up everywhere in general. Not sure how "Belinda Carlisle" pulls Lexxperience up faster than "Xev Bellringer real name". Somehow got associated with "vintage G.I. Joe figures". But back to Lexx! The top ten searches included 6 variations on Zev/Xev, Patricia Zentilli actually came in 2nd, Lexx Bunny, Lexx the dark zone, and Jeffrey Hirschfield. I think my favorite search phrase was "my idea of fun is killing everyone".

Here on Pinky, the top search phrase is "treenahasthaal". Not. a. clue. (Ok, that's actually a twitter account that doesn't even follow me, but somehow leads to a ton of my images in search if you scroll down a little.) Second one is, not surprisingly, "Nixa Sucker Day 2015", but third is "banana bwains". I actually rank a 4th search position for "Candyland board game" and 31st for "zombie immunity". No idea how "Timmy Cappello" pulls me up. This is one crazy blog. (Keep in mind these are all Google search, other search engines might rank my content very differently.)

My dotcom is all but dormant and has 14 pages of search phrases pulling it up (20 per page, you do the math). Pinky only had 3 pages and I'm here all the time. I guess no one's looking for Pinky-me out there because you're all in here with me already. I should be serving cocktails and passing around nibbles.

Anyway, the phrase "Lisa Marie Bowman" hooked my dotcom 13 times, high fives and knuckle bumps #SyfyDesigns. Yeah, I linked those so you can go check her out. My fave search phrase pulling up my dotcom is 4 inquiries for "the spider who never gave up", ranking 24th-49th, so I'm well associated with vague spider issues. My second fave search phrase is "when robots go bad".

This was me staying out of @bonenado's hair for awhile. I'm super talky again for some reason, he's needing some quiet time with his ball teams and TV shows. Still haven't found that video camera. I've been falling all over the house behind him laughing myself silly about all the things we've looked for because he puts them in a 'special place' so no one will find them, and he's the one they stay hidden from. (He had to have been a chipmunk or something in a past life.) Since we found his phone in the fridge the other day, we've actually looked in the big chest freezer and several other places you'd never dream it could be. I can't wait till it turns up, this mystery is pulling me into his obsessive wandering around looking through things ten times.

I heard Bunny had no cavities, yay!

Batman is on tonsillectomy countdown. He's chill.

If they ever invent t-shirts with built in screens and sound, I want this video all over me playing on a loop.

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