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Saturday, August 1, 2015

the quantum wilds of blogger chaos and random archive matrices, or, Going Old School

And I say old school because the science was born before most of you were. Bored today? Think you're a super nerd? Catch up. You'll understand why this stuff mesmerizes me when I get a super cool scifi book done.

So TeenyBot#56 is my emergency nerd name.

I mentioned the Brazil thing yesterday. This is the Brazil thing. It started just before last Christmas. It clicks to spy stuff if you're having a slow day and needing something to do.

Ran into my Oak Island obsession going back through posts (anyone else crushing on Rick Lagina?) and the only word on season three is that it's in filming.

Still running into stuff. This relates to the other day. I share these things to protect you guys. The only reason I have friends nowadays is because I don't freely mock you all.

Gregory called and left sweet messages every single day for about 2 1/2 months and suddenly the loan was sold off to another company, and our affair is over, just like that. My new lover doesn't leave messages. Me and collection agents irl.

While I'm bouncing around the archives, consider this a disclaimer. "My blog is my blog is my blog. I can say anything I want on my blog. If someone doesn't like it they can stop reading my blog." I really blew some steam that day. There's no steam today, just a 'what took you so long' in my stats this week.

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