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Sunday, August 9, 2015


I imagine a few regular readers have noticed by now that Pinky blog is more about surviving a tragic love story than being silly, especially if you've been with Pinky blogging from the start and Pinky Stuff from before that, and Pinky twitter from the very very start.

It's hard being aspie and surviving being a catalyst for relationship explosions, but I refuse to take defeat to the grave with me. This is a solid plan. I discussed it for months with a psychologist. My husband is on board with it. It's becoming so real that my family is helping me stay focused and making my stuff priority.

I have an idea. I'm working on my biggest asplosion ever. My focus is tight. My patience is infinite. My baditude is almost as disciplined as a Shoalin soccer player.

Pinky wants her Brain back.

It all started when I asploded into existence...
Existential Aspie is #aspienado.

Pray I get this DONE soon. I'm not sure I can take another year of interruptions without going on a killing spree.


ExistentialAspie is now a domain. Probably going to sit there like that until it's all done. I'll probably add analytics later, WP requires another upgrade to get it.


A friend of mine found this excellent quote to put on her blog today. That's exactly it. The snip clicks back to her blog.

I am reconstructing bridges. I did the unthinkable.

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