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Thursday, August 6, 2015

I know ash! (and killing spydars)

Yesterday's views were so busy that I freaked out and thought Oh, no! Brazil found Pinky blog! but it's not lit up on the map and doesn't show up in the country list, so whew!

Untangling the whole actual Google analytics vs Google webmaster tools thing is a real treat. So far nothing I have as solidly confirmed property in analytics has been touched, so I assumed it was the webmaster tools that was the problemo. Brazil has been pinging once or twice a day on Pinky's Sox since the big July 24th spike, but that page isn't even in webmaster tools so now I have to dig some more (my G+/blogger associations are so java tangled now I can barely understand what they think they're doing). I'm going to leave it alone there and see how high that number pumps up, but I think I stopped Brazil on the dotcom because I haven't seen it show back up. Can't help wondering if too many fingers in the stat cookie jar is the problem there since that page is what verfies pinterest so I can see analytics there, too, plus GWT and WordPress colliding keeps sending me notes about markup items that don't mean anything. Hold your horses, guys, it's just a few links and graphics viewers can click out on, good grief, it's not like everything in there has to be meta adjusted. I'd rather get a heads up from a stat tool about unwanted parasite acquisitions, amIright?

I miss the old days.

What's even more fun is that I personally don't have working java on my laptop, so I can't see what the problems are they're pointing to. Do I care? Not really. Drinking my java.

While I was at it, I put Pinky Press Review into analytics for kicks. That whole experiment is just funny to me.

Looks like the roof made it through several hours of torrential downpour yesterday without leaking, at least so far as we can tell, yay! I need to FOCUS and GET TO WORK! >=l Kinda starting off slow today. I have a pattern, don't I? Thursdays seem to be my noticing I'm starting to get scattered days.

Me and Brazil irl. (Ha, get this song outa your head...) Pinky Robot vs crawler bot.

Tryin' to smash me a spydar.
(Language caution if you're at work.)

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