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Thursday, August 20, 2015

places I can hide

For about a week my top post was depression, suicide, and Pinky's revenge. I actually never intended to become a depression blogger (I can't believe how many posts I've written on it), but I don't know how else to hug people through my screen. I know it's really hard out there.

My superpowers are growing.

That's why my dance moves are getting so awesome.

I hope you guys can imagine how this tweet looks in a #pinky hashtag feed, which is mostly porn. Yes, I take my puns very seriously. No, actually, I thought it would be easier to look for one of my #pinky tweets on the hashtag feed and about fell outa my chair, so I facepalmed and looked through my own photo/vid tweet feed instead. #bencongruity

I wonder how many views came in from the porn feed, though, because these two posts were hot on the heels of the suicide/depression post and suddenly flew right by it. Hope I didn't disappoint anyone. No one is yelling Take it off in comments, so that's good. Have to wonder if some of the regulars on that feed have become solid readers, though, since I've been making #pinky posts for a year and a half now.

Stuff from the last few days-

BATS! You remember I warned about rabies, right? That's a real thing. I see way too many people holding bats on the twitters. Never brush off a little bat bite like no big deal. It's a horrible death to go through.

This guy. As long as my finger and took a bit of leverage with a little stick to make him let go and fly away.

This last week has been so rough that I found myself plowing through sock bins Monday after my neuro date. I'm a back to school junkie, I try really hard to hold back until what I find is more rescuing the last of the cool stuff than filling the basket up with ALL THE THINGS.

Other back to school included updating my bugout bag (super cheap shark backpack from Walmart) and epi purse. Click for ---> way more pink camo stuff.

Between a register coupon, sale price, and using some of the points I earned, I got TWO free pints of Haagen-Dazs ice cream at Walgreens yesterday.

Going over the James River bridge in Ozark yesterday. Yep, same one that flooded higher than a car last month. And speaking of more rain, storms ripped through again this week, and now we've got a big leak in the kitchen because the tarred tarp bolted down with boards couldn't stop the 60+ mph winds. Big tree was blown over next door, they have roof damage. Our new roof can't come fast enough. I've never seen such a wet August, and then suddenly dropping 30 degrees yesterday and waking up in the 50s this morning. O_O We're all just really really confused- the trees, the bugs, the lawns...

I WANT THIS BATHROBE. So did this person. If I went to all that trouble, I'd be more into the velvet, brocades, and piping details. You know how Mrs. Hudson jokes about Sherlock's blog post on a comparison of textile fiber tensile strengths and origins? There really are people out there who do this. <--- But I don't care what anyone says about the incongruity of this bathrobe in the Shire, the real tragedy was not mass producing it for fans. $Kaching$. Anyway, one of my sisters is a quilter, I come from a whole family line of expert seamstresses and quilters (Mennonites), I know a lot about fabrics and marketing thanks to a 5-year retail stint, and I'm shocked and appalled that as much work as was put into this bit of costuming, it wasn't merched to the fans, who would easily have paid the high dollar ticket just to have it. However, thanks to a pinterest link, I've also found TARDIS toile. And who could resist the Sherlock collectionYou're welcome.

The nacho experiments are going well. I have discovered cooking up an entire package of Italian brats or a pound of taco meat ahead and freezing portioned cooked crumbles into little ziplocks is so easy to get out and thaw later and top onto corn chips with shredded cheeses out of a bag. @bonenado and I can split this and call it a light supper.

Speaking of @bonenado, he's been teaching Bunny how to hang out like old guys. Probably talking about the neighbor.

Sorry the posts lately have been so lengthy. I seem to be in a regroup kind of mind, like how you zoom around, stall out and coast, spring forth and boing around, spaz out again, get cranky and shake yourself by the collar, and suddenly realize OH, I think I've got a virus, on top of all the antihistamines super squelching all the ragweed on top of teetering back and forth on the brink of spiky pain monster on top of life throwing an entire roof replacement on top of football season and new shows starting back up on top of the boss maybe selling the business just before we get the roof loan on top of MOAR STORM DAMAGE. This is way too big for Benedict. I need The Doctor.

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