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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

aspienado selfie kind of a day

Fluid-filled ears, TMJ, and bacon. That's all there is today. Every time I walk into another room, my brain falls out. I'm going in circles. I keep coming back to the bacon I cooked up, so at least there's that. About two hours ago I thought I'd better go put some clothes on. I just realized I'm still in my pajamas, so I'm going to go put some clothes on. BRB.

Yes, I had to write out instructions to myself and go follow them. I'm back with real clothes on, matching pink underneath my orange FINAO tee. I meant to tell you guys several days ago my fave sock ever finally bit the dust. Yeah, the green one sticking its tongue out.

And now I'm getting supper cooked up ahead because it's just too hot to cook later. Italian chicken fingers, yay! Which we'll have with salads this evening. I feel like I need a vigorous back massage with brass knuckles, or at least a few nails jabbed in for homestyle acupuncture, so let's just keep distracting me while stuff cooks. I got this the other day, too. It's really hard to get a good pic where the gray actually shows up. That's my wizard hair. I'm a wizard.

My mom was all white by this age, so I don't know what's wrong with me, it's still all brown and red except for those very front pieces trailing back.

You guys probably won't believe me telling you I already knew when I was a little girl that I wanted wise old woman hair when I grew up. I've always thought white hair is awesome. I mean, aside from blue hair. I've ALWAYS wanted blue hair. Now that I'm so allergic to makeup that just watching these makes my eyes puff up, I realize I missed all the fun. It's worth clicking out and reading the description for this one, lotta people have skin challenges.

My parents would have freaked completely out over this.

I think this is my all-time fave baby pic in the family.

I didn't know 'goth your baby' is a real thing. I also didn't know Is Your Child a Godless Goth? is a real thing. O_O *wow* Seeing's how I live in the bible belt, I feel quite comfortable suggesting the maybe 'goth' is a reaction to *cough* overzealous parents *cough*. History of modern Goth. What was that, a music lesson? Here we go- History of original Goth.

"Since histories have relied primarily on Roman sources to present the history of the Goths, these people are frequently equated with the concept of the "uncivilized barbarian" or the "noble savage". In fact, they were neither. As Wolfram points out, their history cannot be claimed as that of the ancient German people nor of the Slavic people nor of any people presently living (74-75). The Goths entered history at a pivotal moment in the decline of the Roman Empire and played their part in that drama. With the empire gone, they ruled over two great kingdoms: one of Odoacer and Theodoric the Great in Italy, and the other in France (that of Theodoric I). In Totila, the last great king of the Ostrogoths, they produced one of the most brilliant military leaders in history, a match for the legendary Belisarius of Rome, known as the "Last of the Romans'. With Belisarius' victory, the history of the Goths ends. It is therefore difficult at first to determine exactly what the legacy of the Goths is to the modern-day world until one realizes that, without them, there would not be one. The kingdom of Odoacer preserved the best aspects of the Roman Empire and that of Theodoric the Great maintained that preservation. Western civilization continued after the fall of Rome, an entity that was disintegrating daily and would have fallen anyway even if the Goths had never set a single boot on Roman soil; it was the Goths who preserved the light of western civilization, even as they helped to topple the empire that had given rise to it."

Even on days where I feel like my brain keeps falling out and don't feel like I'm getting anything done, I actually get a lot done. Research counts. Moving pictures off my phone counts. Practicing my writing skills counts. I learned from Chris Hardwick that all that counts. That's why I don't get so depressed any more over it. I'm still inching forward. I'm still creating content and sharing my soul with other people who might be stuck today.

Back to some fun stuff! Bunny got pictures made the other day, this little outfit knocks me out, I love it. Like a tiny flapper girl.

Batman is partially indigenous to this country. I grew up near a reservation, so it tickles me to hear him doing a circle chant without any prompting or even being exposed to one. Native American Prayers

I guess I need something besides a couple pieces of bacon in me. This might be a good day to go watch a Sherlock ep again and notice more background stuff.

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