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Sunday, August 16, 2015

snip it, clip it, ship it, zip it

One more week to go to my one year anniversary of this blog. Give this a second to load, click for source.

All I posted on this day in 2007 is a survey, so maybe I'll get it posted over to Surveypalooza this week if it's not already there. Here's the first question.

How tall are you?
My chicken thinks I'm TALL, that's all that matters.

For the record, my youngest sister would ~never~ push me to the top of an escalator in a wheelchair with an evil grin on her face.

National 'Sneak Zucchini onto Your Neighbor's Porch' Day is long gone (Aug. 8th), and every day we still find ourselves tripping over at least 3 monster squashes...  We've taken to just flinging them off the back deck, watching them bust into pieces on the tree trunks.  I'm sure the deer and bunnies and mice and possums and whatever like it.  I think the zucchini are plotting to take over the earth and put unconscious suggestions into unsuspecting minds.  Little do they know when they get to ~my~ house the jig is up.  My brain is resistant to subliminal messages.
This is still going on. Our neighbor is like a flawed robot stuck in a weird 'dump my inedible leftover produce on my neighbor's porch' loop.

Weird dream, always thankful to wake up when it involves college in any way.  Oddly, S was going to rescue *me* from college this time, all I had to do was put on some clothes, pack a few things, grab my cell phone, and go.  Could I get ANY of this done?  No.  Dreams really suck.  It was like being caught in some kind of crazy mental rat trap.  The worst part were the professors actually on their way to my room to collect my thesis and drag me to my presentation, but S suddenly showed up in the nick of time, pulled me out of the room, snuck me down several floors, discovered on the 3rd floor that they thought they had us cornered and were setting explosives around that floor, but we found an elevator and got down and out of the building before the explosions went off.
For the record, there's usually a school bus involved.

I am in full spaz mode.  

My goals today-

  let chickens out

  cook Italian chicken fingers for supper

Anything beyond that is gold.
This was the year EVERYTHING really started changing.

I've started messing around with making graphics again, yay.  I totally ground this one down from the original vivid color and sharpness.  Felt really good, don't think I've done anything like this in at least 3 or 4 years.
Aaaaaand Janika is back on the webs.

Getting our new washer and dryer today, yay!  Scott and Greg from work got the old ones hauled to Twink's place on Wed., then Scott vacuumed real good in there last night after work, today he's working half the day and coming home for the delivery.

So wired last night it was nearly 1 a.m. before I went to bed. Have a Lexx watch party tonight, hope I make it.  Today is day 2 on big prednisone, whee. My lips kept going numb yesterday no matter how much I was on the benadryl and extra zyrtec, seems a little better this morning. Reach the 48 hour mark around 10 this morning (since the last time I took tylenol and had noticeable reaction), really hoping it's about out of my system, but since they have me on a 7 day regimen, guess I'd better stay vigilant.

Physical therapy was awesome yesterday, said my flexibility was still good, got a brief neck massage that felt soooo good, might be getting a few more of those over the next 4 weeks. Have to go in twice a week for PT for 4 weeks.

Spazzed out for over an hour already, remembered I hadn't posted this.
The hydrocodone is officially over with the acetaminophen reaction, and here I launched into no pain meds for at least a year for the first time in decades, completely clean of narotics and benzos for the first time in my adult life.

Although I was public blogging by now, I still have a private post there. It contains this.
I need to get this book wrapped up. I'm glad I didn't meet my last two deadlines because I am really liking the conversations I've had about breaking it down some more, stretching it out, filling it in. Work of art. I need to do it justice. It's not just another story being tossed out there, it's my histoire philosophique. It's me putting Camus and Lewis onto the same gourmet sandwich. I really do believe I can pull this off, but in the middle of all this other duress and another blog salvage...? I've always said I do love a challenge. My whole life has been like the Tour de France.
I imagine everyone is sick to death of me talking about this book.

That's today!  photo hyper.gif

One might ask how in the world @bonenado and I have managed to stay married so long since he's such a straight up super hetero, and even though I keep insisting he's a gay zombie werewolf with a bloodlust for samurai vampire killing, he keeps insisting he's not gay, which would be sad if I were a guy because I'd totally be gay for him. It's complicated. I like explosions, Scott likes blood wars, we're a match made in heaven. This is my typical response to watching what amounts to basic love stories with friends (last night's movie was really cute, so I'm not complaining at all), whether real life or on internet chat. At least one lurker from way back with awkward personal experience with me is nodding and going yep...

Our weekend party might be continuing with a Bunny showing up for brunch. I'm all over it with a giant pan of bacon just in case. Pretty sure my brain is back in, so today I'm all GET BACK TO WORK! >=l Will I have my Zev/Xev post out before the end of the week? I'm sure a few people would like to slap me around asking me that since I put a teaser pre-link out at least a week ago. And I've already got plans sketching out a Stan post, still very much regretting tossing out my originals because I think they were on point and would have been easily expandable and upgraded.

This vid is truly awesome but caution for language.

This is us irl when we get a Bunny alert- "We'll be there in ten minutes."

Ok, I need to pull my brain back together again and FOCUS on a Plan while they're out on a walk. This is why me & @bonenado have lasted so long, ADHD to the max and I love it because it entertains me.

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