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Thursday, August 27, 2015

pajama politix

Well, I hope the Brunei govt doesn't try to get my Lexxperience blog shut down, because someone over there spent the night scouring every single page. They are now the 2nd topmost visiting country of all time there just within the last week. Kinda makes you wonder if a Muslim country really could force Google to shut down a blogger site in the States over their belief system. I'm sure they're rich enough to try. #womensrights #Lexxperience Yesterday's sfx update

TODAY. Back to physical therapy. This means wearing my pajamas around town, woohoo! I've actually got workout capris, but they're dull and ugly. Dull and ugly clothes are so dull and ugly, aren't they?

ALSO TODAY. Getting behind in house chores because I'm booked up with stuff in town again, and will be through September, so time to revamp my daily plan, find a way to make it work and keep up. This is one of my toughest times of year, because histamine level spikes set off fairly challenging fibro flares, and I've got little knots like marbles all through my legs and torso, and now I hafta do PT workouts on top of it without the luxury of muscle relaxers and pain meds, whee.

And update on Batman is he survived the tonsillectomy, but this pic about killed me.

Don't worry, he's feeling way better already. Got some tylenol, chocolate pudding, juice...

Woke up with this song in my head, so today is pretty good and I might just wear some Halloween sox.

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