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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

it's always something

We'll be getting caught in the rain tonight with our roof down.

Was beautiful and sunny yesterday after work, hardly a breeze, catching up on The Last Ship during supper, sudden BIG noise, last time I heard that was a microburst one winter. Out of the blue, there it went, part of the roofing sliding right off without any provocation whatsoever.

We've had this roof fixed several times through twenty years of severe weather. The only parts that have stayed intact are the parts Scott has done himself.

Serious distraction time. Hang on, lemme just grab the warning....

Hmm, no warning about the nudity. Or the language. Oh, well, carry on.

Well, they got being caught in the rain without protection right... Ok, and the crying right. I cried a couple of times since April. Actually, I was looking for an SNL vid of Gilda Radner saying "It's always something" and youtube suggested this one to me (yes, naked Benedict). I know you don't believe me. Here's Gilda. Love her. This is why I don't sweat it. I've watched people I love go through so much worse.

@bonenado says if we get insurance for a whole new roof (unlikely) we'll hafta take down the internet antenna (omg, praying we don't do the whole roof) and he's too hacked off to feel sorry for me at all, so I may be camping out around Springfield if that happens. That's right, I let him do all the worrying about more water coming in through the attic and ruining the drywall in the kitchen. I'm not the one who just had to build this spectacularly complicated roof. Everyone who's ever been up there for satellite or internet or just plain reroofing remembers our roof. We're the people with that roof.

From my pinterest- "Scott has absolutely no fear, no little red flags frantically waving in his brain screaming, "Hey, we're gonna die!" This goes up 4 stories to the roof. I had to go in, my nerves were shot watching him." And this was when he was younger and more limber.

Got some fancy tarp up, now we look like a secret military compound. Ok, I'm lying. This just in, and it was starting to sprinkle while I was out there, so it's all in the nick of time. We even had some tar in the basement. Love how my phone lightened up the sky, you can't see the ominous cloud cover.

I love this parody. If it's hard to understand (she's French), here are the words. She's awesome, does lots of other vids of all kinds, has two youtube channels.

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