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Friday, August 7, 2015

Ben booty google alerts are probably a thing

The roof thing update. Got 7" of rain at my house overnight, like Loki thought it would be funny to dump a lake over us all at once. Was loud. I mean the rain. If Thor was around, it was hard to tell.

click for funny Thor-Loki memes

So @bonenado spent several hours next door getting some flooding under control and came home as wet as if he'd jumped into a pool but it was all sweat. I make him strip off at the washer when he comes in like that and then quietly follow him around with the camera, but he's always moving and all the pix turn out blurry because I'm trying to be stealthy. You know that vid I posted the other day where suddenly your eyeballs are gouged out to the Booty Song? Ever since I ran into that vid, that song pops into my mind when @bonenado walks around naked, and I about die laughing trying to get pix again and give myself away. But I got one today. I finally got a capture that isn't a blur and is sans underwear. After 22 YEARS. Niiiiiiice.

I told him I wouldn't post it. You'll just hafta go look at naked Ben again. Pretty much the same thing. @bonenado has a fantastic physique for a guy his age because he works so hard. If I were married to a celebrity I'd have so much fun sneaking pix onto twitter and watching fans go nuts.

And the fun continues with a Google alert. These are normally pretty meaningless, and I ignore them, but this one seems to have me tangled up with other Janikas and I don't do torrents, plus part of search return is in Hungarian.

The other me on twitter is a software developer from Estonia who knows java and helped create a Google app.

I decided to click on the big blue name and immediately got a download, this clicks out to bigger, barely caught that snip it was so fast.

And after that, this page opened up. I scrolled down and clicked "Webmasters" on the bottom left and got this. I took a minute glancing around, to me it looks like a get rich quick scheme someone threw together, and somehow my personal platform got pulled into the search parameter. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm piggy backed somewhere (Brazil? haha), I see oddball referral links all the time in stats that I'm probably not supposed to be aware of, like the chicken videos I talked about. Mostly, Google alerts is just another fun gizmo I can tinker with when I'm bored, but now I'm hoping I'm not being associated with some kind of spam racket.

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Every baby needs this

Ok, ok, here's the Ben booty vid again, geez. I could hear some of you whining about not linking it up there. Note- NOT @bonenado's booty, but totally imagine me dying over here. Reminder for caution on nudity and language, blahblah... I know it's Friday, but NSFW.

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