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Friday, August 28, 2015

the grim pinky reaper

Me irl getting my coffee on. Btw, TGIF, guys.

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Casual Friday irl. Clicks to an awesome Halloween board on pinterest.

Yeah, starting a little early this year. I need all the distraction I can get. You didn't know pink grim reaper is a thing, did you? This is just a toe in the water. Click for way more.

Y'all know my fave reaper was created by Terry Pratchett, right? Et j'adore Susan, his granddaughter. 

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I'm in one of my jumbly days, where this sorta feels like a Monday, thought it was actually Saturday for a few minutes, ricocheted back to oh yeah it's Thursday wait no it's not, and I keep telling myself it's Friday, and every time the word Friday hits my brain I get this huge pink blaze streaking across my mind with it, so it's Pinkyween time of year, and we all know how that went last year, so we're good with it. Don't forget to brush your teeth, kids. Get out there and rock your day while I go blow up a few toilets and break a few dishes, because that's how we roll in the Shire.

OH, I've gotta tell you this dream real quick. You guys on twitter know I watched #TheHobbit last night. Well, earlier I had watched a Key & Peele from about 5 eps back where they're doing the grunt thing and you eventually realize this is how football was invented (they don't have that one in the playlist, sorry), and I was thinking how fun a job that must be, basically cosplaying out a pun for Comedy Central. So that's the set up. Dream: I was talking to Bilbo about something and somehow wound up on cosplay, which of course he had no clue, and I was explaining it by describing Gonzo cosplaying as Derth Nader, which is about where I woke up going whaaa... Anyway, enjoy your day. And get some Death Wish coffee. Not paid to link that.

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