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Saturday, August 15, 2015


Watching Ben fans at stage doors on twitter is like flashbacks of Colin fans. I like seeing all the different fans. Years ago before twitter I watched Johnny Depp fans on myspace and forums. Fans are my favorite.

They make neat stuff. Click this to see the whole book.

Bunny will be here around 6. I'm trying to engage my brain. It's being really stubborn this morning.

The best of fandom.

And more.

Ok, coffee percolating up to my brain now. I normally avoid stuff that drags me down, but this is so true. Except I'm the train.

Why does no one make a happy coffee song for fandoms? All you sad little people out there, I need...

Oh, no! Brazil!!! lol

I subscribed. This just made my whole day. I grew up in a Spanish area. I know, that's funny, isn't it, I grew up in the United States hearing Plautdietsch in my family and hearing Spanish and Navajo at school. Then I move to the heartland and now I know families that speak Hindi and Thai.

Ok, I'm dying. I think I'm nearly ready for Bunny. The game is on.

 photo 5laugh.gif Seriously, #Shezzaday. And no one has grabbed that hasthtag yet. What's wrong with you people???

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