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Sunday, August 23, 2015

one year old

~hours of thunderstorms later~ I can finally log on, huzzah!

old Farscape pic from my private stash, sorry no backlink
Yeah, pix from the ~lab~
me irl
Ok, who does this remind me of...

Those of you hugging your screens.

Me daring you to hug the screen anyway.

Me inviting you into the monitor. It's cool, I have nachos.

Me telling you guys FOCUS! GET TO WORK!!! >=l

You guys going on a nice adventure with me.

Some of you don't make it...

CLOSE YOUR EYES, IT'S AN OLD SCAR >-< *ew* Yes, titanium staple reaction.

I sized it down so you won't puke on your screen. You're welcome.
Recovery time. Fix your makeup before we whiz off again. One of the many things I regret dumping is a pop out manip I created where his leg looks like it's coming 3D out of the picture in large wallpaper size, along with an entire folder of awesome Eddie stuff. Lexx wasn't the only thing that suffered.

Very few of you know about my Eddie obsession.
Only one of you knows why this pic.
My life irl.
Now- who's ready for Halloween?

Thanx for reading my blog, I love you guys.

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