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Sunday, August 16, 2015

my Klout pimp says I'm not whoring enough

I hadn't visited Klout in awhile and boy howdy, was that ever a surprise. After nearly two years of hovering around the 60-64 range (and sometimes higher), I find I've dropped to 59 and have an admonition awaiting me about not blogging enough, even though I'm leading the twitter pack in the point-one percentile. I'm in the tippy top of the top 1% of blogging "experts" (according to Klout), and I'm not blogging enough.

And I'm apparently an expert in several dubious fields, including Batman (eat that) and Benedict himself. If Klout knows so much about me and Benedict, why doesn't it know about my *cough*prolific*cough* blogging, even though I've got my blogger connected??? #bencongruity

I think Klout is punishing me for not claiming any of my perks this year (I should sell perks) and not playing the game. I've apparently been bumped from my bottom bitch status.

So I guess I'm going to dig in there and learn the new game rules and see what the crap it takes to get my 64 back. I'm actually in high number Klout lists on twitter. I have a reputation to keep up.

I really do have a post called #blogwhore, but it had more to do with my months-long angsting over an old friendship on a public blog than blogging. If you are stuck and needing a good long story to get you through an even longer week, start here and piece together my ragged past along with me. In the meantime, I might look into Klout's tweet scheduling and start hyping my own content.

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