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Saturday, August 8, 2015

whining like I'm old or something

So what happens when you start an early ragweed season with 7 inches of rain?
Late Summer Ragweed Season Could Be Worst Ever
Why Are Allergies Bad in the Fall?

First 24 hours on Google analytics for my Pinky Press Review. I really had no idea. Plus I have subs. "Play with algorithms and they will come."

I can't express how sad I still feel that Lycos gears are gone. I so miss the old days. I used to find the coolest codes, too, and put them into my sites. It's getting harder and harder to just play nowadays. I had a whirling analog clock/calendar mouse pointer and so many other fun toys, but they're all the old html scripts and won't work on most blogs nowadays, or even if they might still work, half the browsers out there won't acknowledge them, depending on system setup and personalizations. The saddest part was I did all my coolest stuff when nearly everything was still private. Tumblr still allows some of the older code, but my system doesn't like tumblr and it takes for-EV-er to pull pages around. Bleah.

I'm being boring today. Gotta run anyway.

:edit: 8-17-15 Again, youtubers, if you don't want your vids embedded anywhere that no one ever watches anyway till I post them somewhere, stop making them public in the first place. >=l Naturally, I downloaded it with my Torch browser because that's a real thing now, and one day I might actually replace it, since I've taken to writing down the vids I post so I can replace them, but not today.

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