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Thursday, August 6, 2015

hawt & purty

Hot weeks are so long, aren't they? And I'd been sleeping so well this week, a really nice surprise for a change because I usually stop sleeping in the summer. Until about 9:35 last night. Some knucklehead bolted us awake only 30 minutes after we conked out shooting off those gigantic fireworks (now???) that sound like an old fashioned royal navy battle, cannons going off, more cannons going off, pause, more cannons... I finally just got back up around 10 and plunged into some research, pulled my head out of the internet only a little while ago. We're behind on TV because of the roof, I'm doing my usual sudden air pressure changes headache last few days between pop ups, and I'm barely interacting at all with my own family, so apologies for a seriously growing lack of twitter lately.

Things I'm glad about-
 photo monkey16.gif  My fasting glucose is staying <90.
 photo 4bigsmile.gif  My blood pressure is awesome.
 photo excited.png  I've lost 3 pounds this week.
 photo hyper.gif  I've got my dresser top back. #spaceship
I remembered to mail my sister's birthday card this year.
 photo highfive.gif

This is for the French finally taking out the Brits last night, or whatever happened out there. lyrics

:edit: 8-7-15 @bonenado pointed out that we got fireworks on our anniversary night. Synchronicity strikes again.

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