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Friday, August 7, 2015

flashback friday- bridging the interruptions and finding the flow

Even with my brain coming back on like it hasn't in years, I'm still having to reconnect continuity. I have lotsa memories, just no flow. This is another reason why I like looking back through old blogs, they help me orient. I know this might sound odd, but it took me 3 hours this morning to mentally reestablish this time order even though it was all right there in front of my face. I'm still having incredible difficulty thinking in time terms.
Brain Areas Critical To Human Time Sense Identified

A year ago today (2014) was my last visit with my psychologist after 7 1/2 years. I think Pinky blog has taken over as psychotherapist.

Two years ago (2013) my whole face and head suddenly went numb during the surgery-burrito-xanga stress, and I've been having way less pain and lots more mobility and strength ever since, so my nerve healing must have turned a real corner, although at the time it freaked me and several doctors out big time.

Three years ago (2012) @bonenado got zombie infected and ate steroids for a month, kinda scary. Too bad this cat was pre-burrito, it woulda been perfect.

Four years ago (2011) all I was talking about was the heat.

Five years ago (2010) Gram rolled down a mountain in a national park during vacation after one of the grandkids yelled "SNAKE!" that turned out to be not a snake, and then had to drive all the way home looking like someone beat hell outa her. 4'10" of the toughest lady I ever met.

Six years ago (2009) it was like pulling teeth between 2 clinics on a weekend just getting a medrol pack for pleurisy complicated fibro flare of the chest wall and couldn't take in a breath because it felt like all my ribs were broken. Huzzah if you don't know what pleurisy is, you live a sweet life. I dug through everything I could find on spoonies handling pleurisy flares and have been able to avoid them ever since by practicing deep breathing exercises to keep my rib cage flexible. Note- this is NOT related in any way, shape, or form to asthma.

Seven years ago (2008) I was doing pool therapy in a continuing desperate attempt to avoid back surgery.

Eight years ago (2007) I put a survey on a super private blog. It is public for the first time ever today. Yes, it's dated a day off, but I was certainly working on it the day before, so there. Oh, never mind, I still have sign in lock on. Aaaaand it's also on followers lock, for excellent reason. Ok, here is a sample. Maybe I'll move it to Surveypalooza later today.

3. Do you own a gun?
It's called a "salad shooter".  I can pelt you with raw veggies in the face at 60 paces.

Nine years ago (2006) I discovered who I am.

And then I came alive and fell in love and found out I could fly.

Ten years ago I found my calling.

Eleven years ago a Black Butterfly touched me in a dream and showed me her secrets.


My daily morning theme continues this week.

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