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Monday, August 10, 2015


Waking up to thunder, wind, more rain...

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Everyone's talking about how we've never seen an August like this. Lush. Green. Wet. Oh, yeah, we've had rain here or there, but this still looks like May/June. We're supposed to be in pre-Halloween prep by now, practicing our dried up dead looking stuff. Our autumn spiders are gonna be ginormous this year.

I'm in Bunny recovery today. I can't complain, usually by this time of year I'm a mess, and I couldn't help noticing last night how white I look, as in not noticeably autoimmune reacting in my face. I'm never white. I'm taking this as a good sign that I'm staying on top of squelching my histamines. But back to recovery- I kinda regret the dance-off. This is after I gave out. Anything that makes the least amount of any kind of music gets her started. I really don't know how Scott is still doing this here after several hours of super hyperactivity.

I'm getting Gamera recommendations on youtube now. You guys do NOT want me digging up fanvid dance tracks to Gamera. You know if I were a movie software enthusiast I'd be torturing you all with Gamlock, right?

Too late... (Check the kid wearing the "I Bang Up Work" tee. Happy Monday.)

I've got more stuffs, but thunder, and maybe going back to bed.

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