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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pinky soul in the dead of night

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Wow, I just discovered I can make this caption as long as I want.

(a limerick)
Deep in the pink is a tryst with the Dark
The meeting of minds in neuronical spark
MedHelp says little
I need an acquittal
To help me collaborate
Instead of elaborate
This dumb bumbling walk in the park.

Surfing WebMD is a joke and a half
Most of the forums just make me laugh
These people are silly
Too doped up and pilly
To make sense of their crime
For wasting my time
With eye scorching TMI gaffe.

It's amazing how well rhyming works
I'm proud that it's one of my perks
When I feel really gross
I get oddly morose
I play with my words
And lurk around nerds
Until I feel good from your quirks.

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I made a date. I'm going out with my neurologist on Monday. He's going to look at my naked spine scan from last Feb.

I don't know yet. More torture with needles, perhaps, pinpoint the nerve conduction. Get it- needles, pinpoint... I'm going to ask for more therapy. Chiro wants me doing decompression, wonder if neurologist refers to stuff like that.

Pinky cave was a good move this evening, killed a bit of time dumping and deleting crabbage, and I guess I'll try to go on to bed. I miss the twitters, but I could stab someone with a sock right now and be victorious, so best just stay holed up.

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