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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Why Doctor Who fans are on the leading edge of world cookie sync

The 'new' EU cookie thing. If you're an American diary blogger and still don't know this, time to catch up.

In the blogger user overview.

In your WordPress widget selections.

What is this about?

Why Your Site is Now Illegal in Europe

UK 'cookie law' takes effect: What you need to know

I've crawled all over my blogs for three years and just now noticed these, and the only reason I noticed was because I created a new domain the other day and there it was. So now most of my blogs have a little strip running across when my pages open up. This is the WordPress disclaimer. It also contains an 'accept and close' button.

This is what WordPress says about it.

This is blogger's disclaimer, pops up on the top of the page for viewers outside the U.S.

This is what Blogger says about it.

Since I use Google analytics, I'm probably more likely to get noticed for not having a cookie disclaimer up, even though I don't monetize.

To review:
What to do about the new EU cookie law

I've said in several places that we're going through growing pains until all the internet eventually syncs up. Whining about this won't stop it or even slow it down. Readers have the right to privacy, and using cookie disclaimers allows them an opt out. (I love lurkers.)

click me >=D heh heh

The reason this came up today is because a reader in Australia let me know on twitter that this page looks blank now since I put the disclaimer up. I gave Google feedback on that, hopefully it's nothing they can't quickly fix. :edit: Nevermind, it was blocked at work, lol. You guys surfing my blog at work- I love you.

Americans don't like being told what to do, but consider that one day all our pages will go blank to outside readers unless we keep up with the rest of the world. Ignorance isn't bliss. I've played around in fandoms for a long time, and fandoms are probably on the leading edge of world sync, even ahead of business. Fans find ways to get and share real time info like no one else in the world, and entertainment is trying to catch up with that. Live tweeting the Day of the Doctor with Doctor Who fans from all over the world was pretty awesome. This is what cookies is all about, guys. San Diego Comic Con is another example of real time world sync that depends heavily on cookies.

And now let's get our teeth into what's still coming. This may become the gold standard.
Massachusetts Law about Internet and Online Privacy
Understanding The New Massachusetts Data Protection Law

This is why I don't opt out.
EU Cookie Law Could Be the Death of Digital
"If you opt out, the next time you go to Netflix, you won't receive any movie recommendations because Netflix won't remember what you've watched in the past. Amazon's famed 1-Click experience will have to be replaced by 15 clicks. Ratings and reviews will cease to exist, effectively silencing the critic in all of us. Google searches will give you results for the wrong city."

Those of you who already know all this stuff, fine, you're on it. Put a gold star on your forehead. This post was for us regular people grinding through coffeejobdaycareschoolcollege and dragging back in our doors to watch a little TV before we collapse back into bed.

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