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Sunday, August 9, 2015

lurker wizard gangs

You guys have no idea how badly I miss #latenightmovie on weekends when I just can't stay up or can't sit through it. My gang is my rock. I'm actually using that full sized screen snip as a wallpaper right now.

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My dryer did the d90 thing yesterday (fire hazard warning) just before #latenightmovie, so steamy hot clothes just sitting in a pile during the hottest humidest month of the year, I'm afraid to even open it this morning. The lint screen was fine, so @bonenado's gonna hafta pull stuff apart and make sure the ducts are clear, and if they are, then maybe it's the wiring or a thermostat if we can't get it to reset. I was just saying this week that tarp on the roof during torrential rain was better than a fire. He called me a prophet when I showed him my post from July 3rd talking about the roof would be sliding right off. (That makes 4 prophets and 3 wizards now, I think. If people keep calling me names I'll hafta zap 'em and say "Fly, you fools!")

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Anyway, I actually know someone in real life whose house burned down because of a dryer fire, so yeah, thank you beepy digital readout stopping my clothes from drying. Y'all go thank a few dryer techs for saving some lives out there. I don't think they get near the praise they deserve. Back to the roof. The only reason we discovered the roofing nails were missing was because Scott saw the whole roof on that side lift up a little during a straight line wind, which was weird, so he went up there to check it out. Anyway, can't complain, good summer for odd mild disasters here and there forcing us to tighten up the bolts and get stuff in order before we slide hectically into holidays again.

Oh, yeah, we got a bid approval yesterday for a whole new roof. Apparently there's enough hail damage to warrant total replacement. That's right, my first thought was omg no internet *faint*, but Scott's going to see if our people will move the antenna out to a pole or something. We'll get it figured out.

Got a lot more spaceship work done yesterday, too. Bunny's mama came out and workworkworked for several hours going through and organizing a couple truckloads of stuff in a storage room upstairs, kinda hoping we can eventually move all the video library and other stuffs up there, and make a Bunny toy/sleepover room in the bedroom across the landing. The more we can move things up, the more room I'll have to GET TO WORK. Kinda key right now that she's just old enough to start handling the stairs now, so the timing is perfect.

I've never felt this good about August before, for a variety of reasons, not the least being heat and ragweed, but one of the behind the scenes stuff I didn't mention in yesterday's survey post was a very relieving phone call that I'm so glad I wrote down because my memory catacombs are still piles of mess I'm trying to straighten out.

You guys know I love my lurkers. I've said a few times I'm not the stalkery sort, but I am capable of being an extreme underground lurker myself, although I don't spend a lot of time on it. About once every 6 months I check up on people here or there, usually extended family across the states, sometimes a person or two from my past, making sure things are ok. I've quietly watched a few people move around and go through life's ups and downs. Over the years, as our pasts fade and our paths bring us new surprises, I hope my electrons hooking up to theirs electronically feels like little quantum hugs letting them know none of us are ever really alone. Time and distance have no meaning. We go through our motions, but deep on the inside we glow, and I like to feel you guys glowing. Spooky action at a distance, as it were. 

I've lately watched one I dearly love get through a degree program and move on to more, bigger, and I can't say how proud I am watching her triumph so gloriously over devastating depression. I know from hard experience that sometimes survival is all about going where others can't follow and owning that mountain.

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