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Saturday, July 4, 2015

9 years of Fourths

On this day.


I made this.  Couldn't resist the temptation to try.


Last night was pretty cool.  We were flipping around watching fireworks on tv, then when it started going off up and down the street we went outside and watched for about an hour.  I counted seven different houses setting them off, couldn't see any houses for the woods, but we saw some pretty cool stuff coming up over the trees.  It really was the most perfect 4th of July we've had here.  The weather was perfect, the sky had stars, it's been wet enough lately that there was no worry about setting the woods on fire, and best of all, no mess in MY yard to pick up, haha.  One year we had a little tornado come right over the house practically out of nowhere just as fireworks got over, we all barely made it inside.  I was running and stumbled, and the wind was so strong it picked me up and set me back on my feet before even one knee could hit the ground.  I stumbled hard and should have gone sprawling.  So that was really scary.  Other years we've had all Scott's family up here and total chaos and mess to clean up, or super dry years where I stayed up all night watching out the windows for fires, because one little fire getting loose would take out all our houses.  But last night was perfect.


No post on the 4th, but this was the day before.
Scott picked up my new plates for my car.    They are total Samuel L. Jackson plates.    Got a whole new ID, sure hope people don't think I picked it on purpose for vanity plates.  MF9-MOV.  First thing that hit my mind was Die Hard 4 with Zeus (Samuel L. Jackson) yelling "Move over, mother-f***er!!!"  Goodness.  I'm sure people will sit in traffic behind me wondering what the 9 is supposed to mean...


Had enough going on that I didn't notice, so about 3 hours after putting the meat on the grill and everyone gone and Scott getting ready to go mow a bit, he discovered he'd left his Iowa cut pork chop on the grill...    Black, hard as a brick, I don't think even a starving dog would be able to eat it.  On the other hand, I wound up with the most beautiful ribeye I've ever had in my life, tender as butter, buried and forgotten under burgers and brats.  And the halibut and salmon were super fab, absolutely perfect, better than any restaurant.  I made a half pound of shrimp in butter and garlic on the stove, so everybody got some, and I'm so glad I made that sticky rice and noodles.

Really enjoyed Twink, but I think a lot of it was she actually staked her dog outside and acted much more normal.  I sat out on the steps with her and the dog after we ate, took a few little scraps out, lit a couple of the most amazing smoke bombs.  Brilliant magenta and some kind of blue that was so perfectly ~blue~, like bluebirds and sky.  Then she and Dave went on to the I Love America show.  They had over 100,000 people this year.

I heard Sister 2 and her kids were going camping at Sister 1's place tonight.  Hope they're having fun!  So far not too bad out, humidity isn't terribly oppressive and no rain in sight so far.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed being outside this evening myself, in years past have been so miserable with bugs and stuff, but this year didn't seem bothered much at all by them.  Saw a little bat before it got real dark.  We haven't had a single bat in our bat house, and gram found a little dead one in her yard, so we didn't know whether they were having a good year or a bad one.  Very encouraging to see one flitting around the yard.


I see 100 degrees popping up all over the weather map.  Sucky, sucky, sucky.  Had rain pop up in tiny little spots like freckles all over the country last night, got a bunch of rolling thunder and wind here, mostly just show, barely any rain at all.  This morning looks like that is about all gone again, after over 150 reports of weather coming in last night.  I've always wondered if fireworks affect weather, seems so coincidental to have so many scattered popups out of the blue on the same nights people are setting off fireworks all over the nation.


The title of the post is called "third longest day ever" and is the infamous zombie year. Great reading, too bad I'm not going to share it, haha.


The post the day before is called "bloody hell >=l" and the post the day after is called "July 2013 is going to be very memorable". On top of impending surgery and a bun in an oven trying to get out and be a burrito, here are the only highlights I'm going to share. All I can say is thank goodness they moved the migration date off another month, because that baby came early.

I'm super scattered now that the big Xanga migration is only 10 days away, not sure how I'm not absolutely freaking out, but somehow I'm just getting through this. Saving my nervous breakdown for the procedure, I can sleep through it all. Psyche guy has added delayed stress response Tourette's to my diagnosis, apparently it's getting pretty obvious.


And everything is public now, so here's the links from before and after the Fourth, because I didn't write on the Fourth.

pinky robot carwash zombie

a statement about twitter (boring, don't read this)


@bonenado has been wearing his patriotic t-shirts to work all week. The only red, white, and blue shirt I have is my NASA tee, so I guess I'll wear that today.

Since it's been one of the wettest summers on record, I'm not worried about the woods catching fire and all our houses going up in flames in our sleep. Some of the people around my ridge have the kind of money to blow on the big cannon stuff, and between that and summer youngsters hanging out during vacations, we hear fireworks going off for several weeks. As soon as the tents open up, they start, and every single night sometimes very long into the night, the forest around us sounds like a war zone. And then the rest of July is pretty much bored kids burning up the rest of the stash they overbought. Anyone else up for a solid month of fireworks? Too bad it couldn't coincide with the cicadas this year, just get the noise over with all at once, because August will be even worse. From Periodical Cicadas- Missouri Department of Conservation-

  • 2015. Brood 4 will emerge again in western Missouri, and so will Brood 23 in southeastern Missouri. Unlike the two converging broods of 1998, the two 2015 broods are widely separated, with no overlap in territory. This is the only time during the 21st Century when two Missouri broods emerge in the same year.

Not sure I believe the nonoverlap thing, since I've seen Pacific coast birds in my yard that aren't even supposed to be here, not like they can run a locator over all the ground ahead of time and document the prehatch. But I digress. I'm sure everyone will be sick enough of me bringing up cicadas by the time it's over.

I'm also not cooking anything special this year. We'll probably spend $10 on cheap smoke bombs and poppers for Bunny. I'm sure I'll be able to stand out in my yard and see spectacular shows rising up through the woods all around my house.

This wins twitter and facebook this year.

I think I made this in 2007. I had more, but even some of my Johnny Depp stuff got dumped/deleted during the early 2012 depression debacle when nearly all my Lexx stuff went into the trash.

I hope everyone stays safe this weekend, no burning hands and putting eyes out, ok?

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