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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

mystery coffee

So @bonenado's all like I must have a brain disease because he sleepwalked before it was even the middle of the night and made coffee and went back to bed, popped awake hours later long enough to go turn the pot back off and go back to bed, and then got back up an hour later trying to put the pieces back together while I made a fresh pot because that pot was toast.

This is me gearing up for the big SDCC hashtag watch.

The last time I did this (pre pregnant mama-burrito-Bunny) was 2012, awake for 2 weeks straight filtering incoming into a sweet little feed of my own while I watched everything live about anything having to do with Merlin at San Diego Comic-Con, back to back with the live filming in Pierrefonds. Because of that little maneuver, I got picked up for a hawt feed on conferize behind my back and didn't even know it. I went ahead and claimed the account and have been getting invitations to some pretty sweet conferences around the world ever since, some at virtually no cost. I never log in and network, so I have no followers, but it's pretty cool that I have a special con-only feed out there. Ok, enough yapping, need to round up my day and get my surf board ready.

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