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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

bcuz pizza nachos

I originally posted that to twitter

from Science Memes on facebook
More major plan executing going on. Dropped off some stuff in a Convoy of Hope bin while I was out yesterday. Have some other stuff pulled together for Safe to Sleep. Good ways to clean out my house. Someone said "Sharing is caring" in chat convo on the game server the other night, cracked me up. It was unrelated, immediately put a Care Bears song in my head. It's all fake on server, but even there some people think it's all about accumulation and wealth. Just because you hand over your last digital loaf of bread to another player on their last half heart tic doesn't make the kindness any less real.

So far I've gotten more done in the last 2 1/2 days than I feel like I accomplished in the last 2 1/2 months, if you don't count regular cleaning, cooking, and running errands. Things I've been putting off are magically poofing into all the right places in the spacetime continuum, including phone calls and fixits. I ran into a little buried sack with brand new Christmas ornaments in it for Bunny's tree, never even noticed we lost it. We were so worn out long before Christmas even got here, it seems like folly now to have wasted that money.

And now I'm in lag, lol. Time to let my brain fall out and move like a snail again while I gather my little storm for the next plan execution surge.

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