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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

the blue pill

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Jan. 1, Monday

I find myself measuring time nowadays by 'since my mom died' and 'before Bunny was born', like how long I've had a t-shirt. I do this automatically without even thinking, like I don't put on my clothes without literally thinking first how long I've had it in relation to how long it's been since my mom died or Bunny was born. There is a 4 year gap in between those two events, during most of which I was dark and inaccessible to nearly everyone online. Today (1-1-18) is the first day I've consciously thought about that, which is interesting because I've apparently been doing it for several years. It's probably time to let go of a few really old t-shirts.

Jan. 2, Tuesday

Seriously? For the love of God or whatever weird omnipotence your hearts follow, will you guys stop arriving to Pinky blog through searches for "Rick Lagina death"? It's a bit disturbing at 5 a.m. before I've had my coffee. 😟😲😬😥☕ Btw, if you need to catch up or know more, put "Curse of Oak Island season 5" in your search bar, and if you insert IMDb into that search query, you get a bunch of update news articles, too. See what you made me do? I'm looking all this stuff up before 5:30 a.m. to see what I missed. Oh, and apparently he's still alive.

original pic from this forum
I added the words
Between the bitter cold (currently 3 degrees Fahrenheit at my house) and 2 space heaters adding to central heat, we've been flying through 3+  gallons of water a day steaming gently on a back burner keeping the air moist enough to breathe. I'd have more exact measurements if @bonenado would stop adding bits here and there without telling me, but after last night I can conclusively say pretty much at least a gallon around every 5 hours as long as we keep the pot from drying up and never turn the burner off. It's a 7-quart cast iron dutch oven that has seen better days, so since I'm retiring it anyway, it's my winter steamer. I've got my eye on this one next time a sale comes up.

In case you're going back to work today and need some legitimate distraction. This is from a package of valentines back in 2007.

I jaunted off into weirdness yesterday during a much needed braincation and wound up in a whole pile of celebrity death/clone stuff, which was a blast. I mean, Orlando Bloom, right? It's like the Paul McCartney conspiracy all over again. And I wound up sifting through one fan obsession after another, like all our pop stars are regularly cloned for back ups and whatevs. Honestly, if they ever made Benedict clones and auctioned them off, I seriously doubt very many people would protest. Pretty sure he alone could be the pivot launch into a precedent for everyone owning their fave celebrity clone to keep around the house.

And if you're really bored and hating work right now, here you go. Call it research, it's all good.

Now apply that to entertainment. People paying real money to embrace the weird, being brain trained into experience addiction. If part of the protocol is to be transparent, what better way to get everyone to accept it?

And in case that just made you grumpier, quickly divert. Try to enjoy being back at work. Just shut your mind off and coast on the blue pill. You're welcome.

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