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Thursday, January 11, 2018

my own propaganda

neato calendar my kiddo got me
Dear people making expose vids for youtube- tighten up your info, you keep losing me dragging on like that. If you wanna save the world, please save me from your voices droning on and on and on... I would've interpreted a few things a little differently, but who cares. I never made it to the end anyway.

Confession- I absolutely cannot make it through anything "informational", I don't care how interesting it is or how interested I might be in it. I grew up in church 3X a week from wee childhood, earned 190+ hours of college classes, and have even reached a saturation point for my favorite kind of television. I am so. bored. with people having to explain stuff. Educate me quickly, entertain me delightfully, at least stop spamming your mouse or hitting the pause button on whatever you're demo-ing. All those precious seconds and minutes wasted could be better spent checking my bank account or something. I either turn it up way loud so I can hear while I'm folding laundry or I carry it around on a phone while I do stuff, but every time you jaunt off into 30 seconds of extra yap pausing something I'm supposed to be looking at, you're losing me.

On the other hand, kudos to people who are natural talkers, already know what they're going to say, and don't expect me to watch everything they do. You could tell me about every rock in your yard and I'd still be right there with you an hour later. I even kind of envy that because I'm not a natural talker like that, so when I get excited and really get yappy, I lose people. It's like I have to plug into a convo with people who can easily lead a topic.

And for those of you STILL going on about millennials on phones-

I sit in doctor waiting rooms with old people glued to Andy Griffith on the television like they've never seen it before. O.M.G. And the scary part is how many next gens will be staring at Full House like that the very same way, if they still have televisions in waiting rooms by that age.

Kind of in a snit. Backed off a tad on coffee and chocolate again this week. Pretty sure my brain is riling up all the nerve gangs for a major walkout.

Do I look like I care? Just blocking out the world and doing what I love.

And, oh yeah, got into staff on my fave game server. Life is leveling up in the fun way this year.

p.s. Rocking my asics every day, so I'm not just sitting there. Got my conquer on. While the rest of the world catches up to the junk I've been saying for years, I'm ripping through the next portal getting that dragon head. It's never too late to level up your lives, if you want change- assess where you are, make a list of goals, plan out the steps you need to take reaching those goals (be realistic about time allowances, too, things take time and life throws curve balls), and start executing. You're never too anything to start making incremental changes that add up over time to very big differences.

You can do this.

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