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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

zombie fog

I took these pix around 1:40 p.m. on the way home from town. The top one is so foggy that the camera refused to even focus. Even using my eyes, I didn't see the lights until the next click. I didn't click until I could actually see the lights. The time passing between the two shots is about an eyeblink.

This is further down the road closer to my home. Driving out this morning was like white out, but at least I could see the trees on the way back.

We're taking a little break from the nasty cold, it seems. I guess Thursday we'll go way below freezing again. I'm super thrilled I wasn't driving in on ice today.

I love damp drippy foggy days, any time of year. I'm literally in my element. 😆😁😂 I've got old fashioned settler's beans and cornbread cooking, so my cave smells beautiful.

Now that I've got my peace and quiet back during the days, I've got a more fun video trail going.

You can check out all this person's vids here.

This next vid is a compilation made by a fan, but you can find all the originals here, there's more. I love this so much.

I chased a few rabbits around and found RichieFromBoston (sorry, Richie, I couldn't make it through more than one vid, but keep up the good work), a whole swarm of Herobrine conspiracy vids (conspiracy off the hook, once you find out the real conspiracy behind it, lolz, I loved it), and after DIY Camper brought me back to earth, I dug back into Space Cowboy history. You gotta admire someone who basically starts off with a completely digital homemade music vid series and winds up touring with Lady Gaga, so the miles of comments are just jealous.

They say do what you love. I love fans. I keep saying that. I'm a fan of the fans.

I just made that. It's dumb unless you know both the show and the fandom.

This was too safe for work. Let's mess that up a bit.

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