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Monday, January 8, 2018

fronting till it all falls into place, right

I cannot believe the last 2 years. Or the 2 years before that. The ten before that. Actually, my whole life.

K, obvs making changes. Started all this crawling up the side of a steep jagged mountain an inch at a time, seem to have leveled up during a few plateaus looking back and assessing, feels now like I'm on a hiking path past the worst of the jungle, still ascending but stopping for picnic breaks and enjoying the view.

Outside is fog and nearly freezing drizzle. Inside is laundry going and space heater and coffee. The bathrooms got cleaned a couple hours ago. I've got the house dark so it looks like no one is home. I should probably eat something. Been up 4 hours and no food yet.

Changing up how I do stuff this year. No more linking to facebook, sorry about that. Reminder links are easy to make, but I never did it to bait my friends, and family knows where to find me. Since facebook is now private, I don't need to hook public over there. I probably won't link this on twitter, either. Most of these go to G+ automatically, so I'll leave that, like a digital paper trail.

I'm kinda looking around again and really surprised at the amazingly clean web presence I developed. It's crisp, not too corroded with overlays of mashup presence. A lot of people don't know how to stand out and don't realize their presence entangles with similar others. In spite of accidentally picking one of the porniest names in the world (really, actually) and a very common name in several countries (people have actually mistaken me for far flung family on facebook a few times), and even a common name in business (there are at least 12 Pinky Guerrero people vying for profile space across the networks and social medias that I have counted), I seem to have a fairly straightforward WebMii presence.  WebMii is horrible for mashup, so that's a great way to check on that.

But I'm kinda not caring about that now. It's all in place. The launch setup was the really hard part. A lot of people jump onto merching without a clue about launch and market, and hopefully this is enough now to take the next step.

I haven't talked about that stuff in awhile, have I? 😁

I cannot see my future. I'm sure my life and personal plans will continue to be blitzed and I'll continue to keep picking up pieces and navigating around the pop up challenges. Whatever.

Guess we'll see what happens this year.

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