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Sunday, January 7, 2018

I think I discovered why I'm time jagging so badly

Last night was our first #latenightmovie of 2018 with @LNMGang. I couldn't tell if we were wittier than usual, or if that needed an un- in front of it (unwittier than usual, for those of you who find mental exercise tiring), but we were definitely a little more blabby, which was fun. I think we're all just relieved the holidays are over. We actually had real convos going, and since I left a whole convo hanging after this next shot, yes, Lisa alluded to being Veronica Lake in a past life.

Dem boops. I never did figure this chick out, probably because I was also chatting on skype, lol. Hey, I'm not the only multitasker there. Blogger doesn't believe multitasker is a real word.

I won't fill in the wild turn this convo took, but just know I'm actually educated. Even more than Kurt.

By this time I was lost and just going with it.

Among quite a variety of topics in the chat was me being awed by Julianne Moore's stunningness and beautiful singing voice. I've only ever seen her in scifi movies, so a dinosaur popping up wouldn't have surprised me at all.

I can just see me in a nursing home not understanding why I can't break any blocks. It's ok if you don't get that at all. I have several groups of friends that will never get minecraft references, and that alone points me to #fam in the one group that does. Sorry, #latenightmovie gang. It's not you, it's me.

No, I'm not going to reveal what it was. You'll just  have to go watch the movie. The effects were really good, though.

And now it's super early Sunday morning and I'm already up conquering. I'm just glad I woke up naturally before Bunny did. She's already conquering, too. Every time I think I'm tired of Paw Patrol I remember the Little Einsteins era and my mind shuts up. And naturally, I have the context of being able to be thrilled the Barney era was brief years ago during another kidsitting stint.

Had my craziest worldwide week ever on Pinky blog after the when fools don't fly post. Didn't exactly go viral (haha, far from that), but definitely noted for interest. Most of those came from twitter, for a change. My dad would probably be very proud of me if I were a conspiracy blogger. How many of you can say that about a parent? Don't let that belie the disappointment I really am. I'm super fail at stirring up the big trubbas from behind an avatar, like some of the players out there.

I made it out to Bunny's first basketball game of the year yesterday. 4 year old basketball is my new favorite thing. I got funny video, but I'm not sharing because the shirts identify who and where, sorry. Just trust me that my people watching hobby is most satisfyingly off the hook being surrounded by adorably cute innocents and their unrelenting parents screaming at them. If you wanna try to understand humanity, start right there. We eat our own every bit as much as any massive spider or reptile hatch, it's just slower and cuter on the surface where it shows.

In case you missed what I just said, it was about the root of world depression. And no, it has nothing to do with basketball. Organized sports in any venue are just a cover for the underlying seething frustration embroiled into every event. It's a nice distraction until you think about how many kids went home feeling like s#*t because they couldn't earn the right kind of love. I can't help feeling that complaining about stuff like Hitler makes very little difference in that kind of spotlight. Thank goodness they're still adorable at that age, right? I can't help wanting to hug all the tiny little humanity in their tiny little innocence before it all slips away.

It's just now hitting 6 a.m. and I need to get my day going. Got chili made yesterday, but I need to get on top of stuff just in case. We're supposed to get freezing rain starting any time, so we might lose electric, and I'm out of data plan so if you don't see me logged on somewhere, I'm either taking a nap (unlikely) or don't have power. And I've already been pulled away from this paragraph twice, so here we go. Ok, make that 3 times. It's 6:10 now. My life exactly, constant movement from continual disruption. Beats sitting here like a lump, though. Couldn't handle the years I went through with that. Ok, make that 6 times and now it's 6:15. The latest one was spilled milk. I'm trying to be done with this and it's becoming every 30 seconds now. See ya.

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