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Friday, February 17, 2017

a sweet old age

There is a sort of powerlessness in germ theory. I'm not against germ theory, but along with the war for dominance is the idea that a healthy body handles germs better than an unhealthy body.

This is not fail proof, and there are long winding roads around whether germs somehow create cancers and autoimmune illnesses or whether our dilapidating health allows that creation to happen and whether genetic expression has anything to do with it all. Now they're finding out that real life experiences can imprint into immunology and genetics and be passed down a few generations. It's all malleable, interactive, down to the microcosm and billions of years of future germ cell generations.

I was reading stuff and ran into how our bodies are 90% host to symbiotic organisms and 10% us. I find that weirdly comforting, like I'm more a part of this earth or something.

So. Antibiotics, vitamins, or faith? I grew up with alternative medicine and went through some hellacious strep infections, which can lead to scarlet fever and heart arrhythmia. Well, looky there, I've had an arrhythmia correction surgery, whadayaknow. My mom was super big into vitamins, and they didn't stop her untreated diabetes from ravaging her. I've spent my adult life paying for spending my childhood being really sick, and when you add a few generations of diabetes and cancers and a few other things, 'life' seems obnoxiously tenuous.

I've mentioned I'm into synchronicity. I've compared faith to coincidence and pretty much said my autism allows my brain to more consciously plug in to some kind of ethernet.

Wild pivot back to my fridge being full of fresh veg now, and I'm going to roll around in salad like a leaf pile.

I believe, all boiled down, that junk food is the root of all evil. You can have all the antibiotics, vitamins, and faith in the world and still crumble to bits over shoving a pound of sugar in your pie hole every week. Or more. The average American purportedly eats nearly half a pound of sugar a day, according to NOT SO SWEET – THE AVERAGE AMERICAN CONSUMES 150-170 POUNDS OF SUGAR EACH YEAR.

I have super cut my sugar and starch intake way way down. No matter how much I whine nowadays, my life is 90% better than it was ten years ago. I look younger, move around better, and get more done around the house, even on my worst days. The biggest change I made in my life was stopping the sugar and flour. If the main ingredient is flour and the second main ingredient is sugar, that is poison. Your body was not made to eat that except under famine conditions when grains were the only thing left to eat because they stored well over time.

As an evil villain with an evil agenda for world dominance, it's up to me to take care of my health so I can accomplish my goals and execute my plans. I use #alltheknowledge making my decisions about my health. I balance germ theory with host theory, faith with salad. I take care of myself. I'm always blown away by people who will spend more money on scientifically created food for their pets while they stuff their faces with sugar, alcohol, and cigarettes. Likewise, I've seen people spend amazing amounts of money on pet health services and neglect to get insurance for themselves.

If you'd like to read more, you can start with this article, not being paid to link it.

"Germ theory does not acknowledge how powerful your diet can be for preventing and treating diseases (especially chronic diseases or non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cancer, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, etc.)

Some drugs are needed for infectious diseases, which is a completely different category. Infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, polio, and tropical diseases are easily spread through personal contact, water, air, and even mosquitoes and flies. But even these are looking for a more opportunistic host — someone with a compromised immune system or area of internal weakness to exploit."

I'm still here because I changed my lifestyle. I was very very ill for years, and I am healing. This kind of healing takes awhile, but I believe I can do this, and I will keep doing what I can to assist my body with becoming more healthy. I want to see my Batman and Bunny grow up, and I want to be able to do things around my house. All this damage is reversible, but only with commitment to treating my body like I would a cherished pet.

Please learn from this and don't go through all the crap I did with failing health. Use intelligence to balance the knowledge around you into a healthy life so you can enjoy being here. And don't mistake the energy bursts of adrenaline from coffee and sugar for health, or the ease of anxiety via alcohol and cigarettes for health.

I'm glad my health crashed early enough to want to fight to keep living. Old age onset isn't real, guys. It's your lifestyle. Old age is 90, not 50 and 60.

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