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Saturday, February 25, 2017

all my Cs

One of those nights, thank goodness these have gotten much more rare now. Looking up stuff like cervical spondylosis and fibromyalgia for a sort of brush up. Those are clinical reference pages for doctors, so they get straight to it and help me remember this isn't new stuff, but all familiar old stuff and I'm good at this, so a few minutes of reminder notes and back off to bed. I don't dare go near the patient forums. Too many medicated people locked in their microcosms, too easy getting pulled into their overly detailed yet still very sketchy descriptions. Like the person on oxycontin for what I know now is costochondritis. Are they mad? Deep breathing exercises help my ribcage referral pain more than anything I've ever tried, and I learned that from people with pulmonary challenges. I took oxycontin for 3 days of my life for something else entirely and I will never take that stuff again. If I were the physician and going on the written words, I'd go with a pred burst just to make sure there was no pleuritis going on with the intercostal pain and spend a little time educating with a respirometer. I had a really tough year where the pain just breathing was super sucktastic, and thank God one person in a forum actually went on about how doing these deep breathing exercises actually helped that. I tried it, it *works*. Fibro is a bitch, but oxycontin? Holy cow. And to be begging for help with that in a forum on such a strong med- doctors, *take note*. Geez.

Anyway, if I go in there, I won't be coming back out for 3-4 hours.

Right now, mine is just neck flares, which I'm pretty sure are related to carrying in some very heavy grocery loads a few days ago, like an idiot. I know better. And now it's interrupting sleep and I'm having to move around and change positions more frequently, which helps way more than just about anything. Went ahead and splurged on an anti-inflammatory med half an hour ago, so maybe I'll be going back to sleep soon. Crossing my fingers this next round of upper core strength training I'll be assessing into next week will actually go somewhere this year. My toughest challenge in PT is upper core strength, which consistently super flares me. We diverted into nerve work for a year and half, which has been its own wild challenge but great for pinpointing and fine detailing instructions on how to move, but I need the core strength help before I slide into surgery level options. I'm flirting with 'the good old days' level pain if I don't get on this.

Part of the root of this, in my opinion, was the higher gabapentin dose. Going stoner zombie did absolutely nothing but alleviate and mask actual pain while it allowed me to sit for much longer spells in bad positions, which I'm sure aggravated all my Cs. Pick a number, they're all singing in there.

Yablo says even if this were minecraft we'd be quitting by now because it's sucking to sit here in the middle of the night, pain pill aside, and we're all agreeing, so it's off to bed. An hour of wording in the eyes and out the fingers is plenty. Hold on, Pinky wants a music burst before we go. We're all missing the youtube app on the stripped out phone.

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