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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

braining slowly

I called my publisher today. I have no idea if they have some kind of limitation clause on an unused contract, and it hit me my negligence could lose that right down a drain, like the rest of my life always feels it's going. So, I called and very simply asked for a submissions rep reassignment, and then requested a notation for whoever calls to speak slowly. And that was it.

Today is pure suck. Hard withdrawal now, hard pain, can barely minecraft at all it's so bad. Laying on the couch with the phone.

It also hit me today this could be it for awhile. My brain fell out on the gabapentin, it's not coming back in withdrawal, now we've got a heads up that type A influenza is taking locals down, and if it hits me it could be another month or two before I'm braining again.

Which is perfect. >=D Nearly everything I've done has been through super suck, so I guess this is it. Time to get my evil on.

I hope I can keep touching base on medias. If nothing else, I'll say hi on Pinky blog from my phone.

Actually keeping up with chores and forms, but elected not to drive today. Not enough brain. Maybe later this week.

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