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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

it is what it is

The new Mo Creatures server is open.

That is NOT the reason I've been auto scheduling posts.

I had not intended to be Pinky posting this morning at all.

But this happened overnight.

And I'd have totally blown it off as a bot swarm, except this. My hub was combed.

And as far as I can tell, it started with this. It clicks to my post.

And now I'm all wtf, did he actually die or something? O_O

Hello, Los Angeles. I won't zoom in, but you get the idea.

Since I'm here and this isn't an auto post, may as well do a power point and catch up.
  • Totally stoned on 300mg 3X a day gabapentin.
  • It's affecting my sleep.
  • I have proof because myair.resmed.com, although they would argue that I'm still doing fantastic for someone in their first 2 weeks on CPAP. I don't call 6 hours out of 48 'well done', although last night was thankfully better. Nothing like being stoned and brain wired... It's like being on pot and prednisone at the same time, and you know *both* of those make people feel snacky...
  • At any rate, THANK YOU once again to Kai for getting me past the launcher code fail and back into the server so I can focus into distraction enough not to whine all over everybody.
  • Otherwise I'm doing fantastic. Blood pressure has dropped so much that I've cut my BP med in half and even having to monitor that.
Yes, actually still writing a bit, although this week has been a bit off the wall, and we all know how I like walls.

Ok, back to Mo Creatures.

Total spoilers in this bcuz s4.

My psychologist said that last line to me a couple days ago. I don't tell people what it's really like living in Wednesday for 2 straight weeks, among other things. #transparency

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