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Sunday, February 12, 2017


Temp HQ

That's right, I chose the hardened scarring to claim out of an entire gorgeous jungle, and I ripped the jungle down.
*I CAN*.

Behind that scaffolding...

...is wild beauty.

And the work required keeping that wildly regenerating beauty OUT has been phenomenal.

But I own this.


I've already created a dozen oubliettes getting the magma out.
Everyone who visits will fall into holes without warning.
That cracks me up.

We'll see how this looks when it's all done.
It's not going at all where it looks like it's going.
Sometimes you hafta scar up the scars to make something beautiful.

Someone irl said (in character) said I'm not 'me' in the minecraft skin I'm using. Um... k. My question is- who does anyone think 'me' is? Because Pinky blog is 'we'.