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Friday, February 3, 2017

if it's not rough it isn't fun

Today was the hardest day. This whole week has been difficult, keeping it together driving and doing daily chores and stuff bombed outa my mind. Super stoned and not sleeping, how fun is that? But it gets even funner ramping back down. My brain has been screaming at me, my blood pressure is a mess like someone throwing darts blindfolded, and finally actually sleeping a little was its own nightmare. Fortunately, I know a LOT about GABA receptor meds because I've lived them (although gabapentin actually works on different receptors, go figure), so I just calmly took my brain out and squished it up against Jawn and said GET TO WORK. So I'm currently working several outrageously huge projects on two different claims, and you all can just thank Kai and Mo Creatures right now for being available before Pinky blog turned into ALL THE FRICKIN WORDS.

This ent kinda likes my wall.

So this is a crazy new thing we're doing, working on both Resource and Haven with a cool new manually configured biome mod pack or something, plus new mobs and critters. Even wasted out of my skull I'm having a blast. I have died so many times in this game just in the handful of days I've been on it. Statistics say I've died 56 times, 7 times by skeletons, twice by zombies, once by cave spider, once by black bear, 4 times by leopard, 6 times by panther, 3 times by snake, 13 times by tiger, 3 times by flamewraith, 5 times by manticore, once by scorpion, twice by wraith, once by werewolf, and once by shark. It doesn't say how many times I've died from falling to my death... which is plenty. And it's awesome going back to look for all my stuff, especially when it's dangerous. Every time I die it's like I exploded over several acres.

Oh, that. I'm doing a Lady Gaga-esque nod. I love all her glasses and sunglasses, these frames will be a take on her TV glasses.

My frames are somewhere around 34X25 (not sure about exact), and even though they don't look that big here, they are huge. They'll glow (each lens will be a different design) and sit above a 'floating' aquarium full of pet fish (you might remember my pool of pet fish from the last server) suspended above a flame trench. Players will be able to come and go as they please, walking underneath the aquarium and through the flames. The 'haus' is mostly underground so that the land above can retain its natural biome beauty and all the cool animals that spawn. I currently have a wild elephant, zebra, and ostrich on property. I had several tigers and bears, but the tigers were killing the horses and the bears were killing the sheep, so I had to kill them. Since they're both aggressive, I assume more will spawn to take their place. I've also got a mole infestation and giant scorpions running around (NOT pets, lol), so basically it's every player for themselves if they visit.

I'm also hoarding stashes of stuff for other big projects, so there's a list of stuff to keep me busy. I had 3 or 4 months to think about it after the old server got wiped, so I'm all over it this week, and it couldn't have been more perfectly timed for how venomous I've felt med adjusting this week. It's keeping me clear of the medias, thank goodness.

Good things happening despite all the drag-
👍 I'm using my hands way better.
💟 I'm functioning really well around my house.
😇 I seem to still be kinda smart in spite of the whole week feeling hazy.
😎 I am doing super cool stuff on MoC.

And you know I've gotta go out on this one.

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